Thursday, May 22, 2008

Singapore Parkour

salam and peace, for now i've only managed to put in pictures of my Singapore Parkour visit which was on 17th and 18th May 2008. last week. nyw, a little writing up coming soon~

*my morning breakfast at the bus stop in Singapore. i arrived in Lavender Street at 6am and prayed my subuh prayers on the pavement beside a public toilet as no one knew where the nearest mosque was. and i couldn't even hear the azan*

*the mosque that was just around the corner of Lavender Street. just 10 minutes walk from where i first step into Singapore. and another 10 minutes walk is the famous Masjid Sultan which was controversially built by Stamford Raffles during the British over take of Temasik*

*Foot marks on the walls near Ranggong LRT station where i was supposed to meet up with Ashraf aka NC (nightcreeper)*

*this is just something as a collection since last years visit i took the same picture. this was after my morning stretchings and little rail precisions in Crawford where Nomad suggested me to head as a time filler*

 *AlhamduliLlah, finally reaching NC's house which was just across the road from Ranggong LRT station. i had to wait for him about 45minutes because of miscommunication plus i had his wrong phone number~*

*this is denester aka CP (his chinese name) trying out an scd to precision on top of Ashton's roof top. this guy inspired me alot since he was the only guy that was as hyperly interested intraining as i am. what he did, i did. and what i did, he took a try. he's only 15!*

*a little scenary of the sunset with me and khairul's shoes. some traceur (parkour practitioner) sign of "i was here" thingy*

*there you go. me and khairul on ashtons roof top which was 17 plus storeys high. you could see almost the whole Singapore up there (nah bluffing). but you could see Johor Bahru and also the City Hall*

*this is Ashton the legend. this picture was seconds before he attempted a death defying 2 storey high gap jump. terrice even gave way for me to say my prayers before giving the way for Ashton. one of his favourite saying before his jump was "i'm a tracuer. certain things, i must take it to the next level"*

*zaid, khairul and ashton*

*thats us execpt that NC and daniel was out preparing the place for Parkour Time Attack event plus the cameraman (taking the picture) who i forgot his name. this was our last pose on top of Ashton's roof top. one thing was that we were illegally being there and if were caught by the authorities, we'd be in jail that night. from left; wei kang (sorry if wrongly spelt), rudy, me, ashton, terrice (peace pose), zaid (seductive mode), denester and khairul (attention seeker)*

*this was our breakfast at ashraf's house. slices of white and brown bread + egg + sardine + milk. enough to get us going for another day*

*this was the last picture recorded with the guys in Singapore. still in the MRT heading towards Lavender Street to catch my bus at 10pm. reached the bus stop by 9pm and had my bath in the small public toilet near the bus stop*