Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What A Day

Tuesday..started out with a parkour session at The Mines which ended up with us getting caught with the security. Being held like hostages for almost 10minutes, we backed off into Mines foodcourt to chill ourselves. Felt sorry for the other guys as they didn’t had the chance to explore the place, which I tell is ‘giler best’.

Nyw, after some refreshments, amir and mim (I think..tak ingat lor) headed off home, amar and the geng went for the movies and me and azam went to bowl. Irsyad and fikri joined us on our way to 3rd floor. Had quite a time since its been almost 2 months since my last bowling session. Drilled some screws but finished the second frame with straights, both games were ‘haji’ (above 100)..alhamduliLlah

وَمَكَرُواْ وَمَكَرَ اللّهُ وَاللّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

3:54]And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners.

These verses were frequently said each time one of us throws our ball. At least a little tazkeerah so that we don’t get carried away feeling that some strikes are due to our effort only. But surely, Allah intends it that way. Same goes with the ones we missed. To always remember not to be ‘ujub’ with what we’ve gained.

After that, Irsyad treated me to some arcade basket ball game. RM1. I lost to him with 16 goals..well, first timer. Its good to know what they’ve been up to when they hang over at the malls. Yeah some cinema, arcade, loitering. Some times, its better to just show your principals, that certain things we just don’t do such as going to cinemas. Kinda like talking doesn’t do the job, but rather da’wah bil haal.

Fikri shared his opinion how I communicated with them. I used ‘ana’ ‘anta’..like in our school days. The batch after me kinda got astray~ ‘aku’ ‘ko’ was more familiar to them. So me taking those vocabs into my talks kinda ured them to do the same when replying. Fikri expressed that it was hard to do it with others. I shared how allayarham Fadhullah normed his life with those words till most people who talks with him will use ‘ana’ ‘anta’..you just have to stick to your principals. Be the agent of change. And to be one, you must stick to your Principes. So gg, chot, paan, mel (close mates)..i’m gonna start ‘ana’ ‘anta’ next sem insyaAllah.

Arrived home and prepared myself to meet my lecturers. Mintak simpati naikkan grade. Well, before that umi accompanied me to meet the YTN officers to ask how to convert my scholarships into loan. But, its not that easy as I have to fill in a new form and the minimum requirement is GPA 3.00..which means I’d have to apply again next semester and make sure I get a 3.00 this coming sem. Hmmm. Have to lessen my activities. But for sure da’wah must go on. So, MPP, rowing, PPI…ape lagi yek? I have to slow down. I’ll consult Acap (bureau of information and publication, MPP, I work under him), Dominic (my rowing club president, I’m his vice) and Azrie (lajnah integrasi dan perpaduan, I work under him)..i really need to step it down a lot! And focus more on my studies. Nih boleh jadi fitnah nih klu aku asek teruk jerk dalam academics.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to registrar to regrade my grades..RM75/paper. If my grades improve, then I get back my money, otherwise..burn la oi! Kena banyak mintak pertolongan Allah nih.

إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

[1:5] Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.

At night..USRAH

Been looking forward to this since KONSIS ZT 2008. the last few weeks I;ve been trying hard to improve the bond between my usrah members. alhamduliLlah, if you really try, Allah will help in many ways. Give you strength. Give you willingness. And furthermore, this usrah is very important as is my source of tarbiyah and motivation.

Discussed over surah Al-Qalam.

One part I found interesting to be shared here is about the story of the stingy farmers and how Allah treats the believers differently than the kuffars.

Lets say A(mu’min) and B(kufffar)..our rat labs. Both are entrepreneurs. At one point both suffered the same huge amount of loss. Regarding this, both made some post mortem where the loss came from and how it happened. Difference is, B will say that the losses were due to human errors, economy and so on. But for A, its particularly that Allah wants to remind him for his sins. Which will make him a much stronger believer afterwards. This was told through the story of the stingy farmers where in the end, they realized they weren’t dependant on Allah. Maka bertambahlah iman mereka.

Next was FUTUR part II.

Last time we discussed till point number 6. nyw, I list down all 13 points from the book ‘sebab gagalnya dakwah’ by..ntah, tak hengat.
1. berlebihan dalam aturan agama
2. melampaui batas dalam benda yang harus
3. memisahkan diri daripada jamaah
4. kurang memikirkan mati & akhirat
5. melalaikan kewajipan harian (seperti solat sunat..yg fardhu apatah lagi)
6. tubuh dimasuki perkara haram & shubhah
7. melaksanakan sebahagian sahaja amalan agama
8. tak faham sunnatuLlah dakwah & perjuangan
9. mengabaikan ‘kebutuhan’ jasmani..(ana suke ayat nih..ayat indonesia. Klu tukar tak samapi pulak maksudnya)
10. tak prepare hadapi perjalanan dakwah
11. berkumpulan dengan mereka yang berpenyakit FUTUR
12. tidak merancang aktiviti tarbiyah
13. berlarutan buat maksiat & memandang ringan dosa kecil
boleh elaborate nih. Tapi kene ikut usrah ana lah..^_^

after that was sahabah Abdullah ibn umi Makhtum.

We talked about Abdullah ibn Umi Makhtum. Sonds like familiar. Hmmmm..sape ek?
Well, this sahabah was the blind man Ar-Rasul accidentally ignored in the surah ‘Abasa. He then became one of the prophets most trusted to carry out his duties while he was away. Abdullah ibn umi makhtum usually took place as imam when the prophet Muhammad pbuh went to war and he also called the azan for fajar during ramadhan. And he was never wrong. During this time, we all were quite amazed, a blind man to be very aware of dawn..for us, even with good eye sights, we don’t even know fajar till we hear the azan from the mosque or just that our alarm clock starts ringing at 6am. This sahabah fllowed the muslimeen army into the battle of Qadisiyah. A war between the Persians and the muslims if not mistaken during khilafah umars leadership. Abdullah took the task holding the flag. He died while still holding it. Died a syuhada’. Would we be as courageous as Abdullah ibn umi Makhtum when the time comes? O Allah, grant us syaheed.

Last thing was some ‘sembang kopi’. Me and bilal shared our experience at KONSIS ZT 2008. About ghulamu da’wah, ghazwatul fikr and da’wah fardhiyah. We were very pleased with the out come. But as akh Riza used to say, the success of tarbiyah is when one is left alone. Menjauhi maksiat. Memperbanyakkan ibadah sunat.

other things~

Asrol will be my neighbor starting 8th May. He’s moving in to 4/6 which is just 500m from my house. insyaAllah will try to make that ‘rumah bujang’ one hell of da’wah port! Mintak bibik masak sekali-sekala. Pancing budak-budak rumah asrol~

alhamduliLlah, one day goes by.
“the generation will move along. Old ones will leave, new ones will come..its up to us either to catch up or get left behind from the kafilah da’wah”

Allah, kurniakanlah hambaMu ini kekuatan untuk esok hari.

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