Monday, May 12, 2008

A Long Lost Childhood Friend

InnaliLlahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un

Last Friday, the father of one of my best friends during school days, Malikin Malib Kitabullah bin Azman was taken away from this world by his Creator. Sir Azman bin Md Zain was said to be under treatment from breathing difficulties in Johor, and was steadily recovering before he died.

Having hearing the news quite late (I got the news on Saturday evening), I planned several times to visit Malikin & Bukhari with Bilal at their house in Section 3, Bangi and was granted the opportunity this afternoon after Asar prayers. Managed to bring along some ‘minuman petang’ for the family.

It’s been almost 9 years since I last spoke to Malikin. Ever since he left SRI Al-Amin Bangi in 1998 after finishing his primary 5. 5 At-Thiqah at that time and I was quite close to him because he likes to draw, mainly the hottest comic at that time, Dragon Balls. But to see him again after all these long years, eased me a lot, although just to a simple ‘ziarah’ and to convey our condolence over his lose. AlhamduliLlah, everything’s seems ok for Malikin. Bukhari was out when we came.

On my way back, I listened to Xifu and Algebra’s album, the nasyid on hadiths. The song was on what Umar ra. said that if you’re in the evening, don’t think you’re gonna see the morning. And if you're in the morning, don’t think you’re gonna see the evening. It striked me a lot for we never know when its our time. if it’s time, it’s time. not a fraction of a second early nor late.

With our lives, we are given the opportunity to make the best of it. To seek Allah’s blessings. Young before old. Rich before poor. Free time before things get hectic. Health before sick. Even in either all these situations, we must continue to work to achieve Allah’s blessing as we’re still alive. Because we’re still in the time frame of live before death.
*Me, Malikin & Bilal*
Al-Fatihah for our beloved friend’s father, Sir Azman bin Md Zain.


HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

perhhhhhh~~~..lamanye tak jmpe malikin. Adeh. Tak berkesempatan lagi nak buat ziarah nih. 3 papers to go!


teruskan perjuangan yg belum selesai~
balik nnt kita boleh lepak ngn die skali insyaAllah

shako said...

walaupun ana x braper kenal ngan malikin, but as a muslim
ana ucapkan takziah kepada pihak keluarga malikin
bler nak g ziarah jgn lupe le ajk ana skali....