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salam and peace,

alhamduliLlah, finished KONSIS ZT (konvensyen mahasiswa nasional zon tengah) 2008 this afternoon. was very pleased that i made it till the end since this was actually my 3rd time joining, but the 1st to fully committed. thinking it back, was quite a waste to be joining in at such a late time compared to the other ikhwahs..

its like missing the train..but Allah gave me this other chance to catch up

like akh Hussaini shared in his slot in the 'student life' forum, KONSIS made his turning point. and so would this KONSIS do to me. finally getting back to normal grounds, having the chance to once again breath the air of dakwah and tarbiyah. Within the real understanding.

much was gained through out the 3 days stay. friends. motivation. having to know that i had miss lead myself in the world of tarbiyah. hearing kak MJ (maryam jailani) saying that she actually fell in love with dakwah & tarbiyah made me realize how important those things were. i some how took them lightly over the years. to embrace it is one thing. to appreciate it is another. and i finally came to that sence that i need to appreciate it more than i did before.

"anta nih husband ana yang kedua, sebab ana jatuh cinta dengan dakwah & tarbiyah lebih dulu.." said kak MJ that night..a view point that should change my perception to how diae's firmly grasp the quality of life.

i opened up myself again last night about the tarbiyah situation in UNITEN. i promised my self not to. because each time i did it, its kinda 'merungut', sulking..not being dependent on Allah. all thats happening in UNITEN is the result of me taking dakwah and tarbiyah so damn lightly. Thus I have no reason to sulk. O Allah, help me win this battle. Another 2 years left, yet I have no confident leaving. Strengthen my faith on You, strategize my workings, tighten my bond within my brothers ‘seusrah’ and ‘sefikrah’ so that we will walk this path together and leave a generation that will continue fight.

Ghulamu Da’wah

Ghazwatul Fikr

So little discussed but yet, its up to me to explore. Read more. Tsabatkan hati untuk terus berusaha mencari ilmu. A little discussion with Ust. Arif cleared that only through knowledge that we can tie the knot between us and our madu’s.

I came upon many people. Those who motivated me in many ways. JazakumulLahu khairan kathira to all for making those little fractions of a second in my whole life meaningfull. Meeting those who were ‘legends’ for their dakwah, those who put working for islam a standard life chapter which without it, their lives are meaningless, a novel unfinished.
To see them embracing tarbiyah reminded me the first usrah I joined. Wanted to share this when akh Auzan called out for story sharing on how we knew tarbiyah. But naah! Too much mencapub since 1st day, ikhwah nye keje nih..macamlah diorang kenal aku sorang je kat situh! nyw, my 1st usrah was unintentionally attended since I wanted to get away from hafadzan session at the hostel after school, so used it as an excuse. Akh Ibrahim Hassan lead the halaqah, talked about how As-Syahid Imam Hasan Al-Banna worked hard to revive islam, how the khilafah took its downfall, works to be carried on..i cried that very first time. Ever since, I though I had that feeling of gratitude having to know that muslims should do da’wah..but little did I know, I was too dissolved with the ideology, that I neglected tarbiyah as a crucial source to dakwah. I’ve regained that conscious insyaAllah through KONSIS ZT 2008.

2 more months, akh Bilal will hopefully fly to Egypt to further his studies. This akh accompanied me most of time during KONSIS. Much did I learn from him, mostly being motivated. How we discussed, shared our opinions, our stories..i’ll miss this guy sooo much. Akh Amirasyid also left around the same time last year to UKs.

People are leaving’ll have to learn to build yourself alone from now on. If you don’t have that intention to change, to improve..then there’ll might never be another time.

Umi shared her story just now after dinner on how she came to wear the scarf during her school time at STF (sekolah tun fatimah kot)..hidayah comes in a flash. If we choose not to change, no one knows when the other time will come. Will there ever be another time?

A new chapter in life

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[ Nazihah ] said...

Alhamdulillah..Lepas baca email abbas, lepas baca ur entri..rasa sangat terharu *touch*.Percayalah, kita takkan pernah sendiri,akan sentiasa ada teman-teman yang setia disisi yang sanggup bersusah perit dan berketawa ria dengan kita kerana iniLah kuasa 'ukhuwah luar biasa'.Yang utama, Allah sangat dekat dengan hamba-hambanya..Semoga Allah terus tetapkan kita untuk terus dijalan ini.