Thursday, May 22, 2008

Singapore Parkour

salam and peace, for now i've only managed to put in pictures of my Singapore Parkour visit which was on 17th and 18th May 2008. last week. nyw, a little writing up coming soon~

*my morning breakfast at the bus stop in Singapore. i arrived in Lavender Street at 6am and prayed my subuh prayers on the pavement beside a public toilet as no one knew where the nearest mosque was. and i couldn't even hear the azan*

*the mosque that was just around the corner of Lavender Street. just 10 minutes walk from where i first step into Singapore. and another 10 minutes walk is the famous Masjid Sultan which was controversially built by Stamford Raffles during the British over take of Temasik*

*Foot marks on the walls near Ranggong LRT station where i was supposed to meet up with Ashraf aka NC (nightcreeper)*

*this is just something as a collection since last years visit i took the same picture. this was after my morning stretchings and little rail precisions in Crawford where Nomad suggested me to head as a time filler*

 *AlhamduliLlah, finally reaching NC's house which was just across the road from Ranggong LRT station. i had to wait for him about 45minutes because of miscommunication plus i had his wrong phone number~*

*this is denester aka CP (his chinese name) trying out an scd to precision on top of Ashton's roof top. this guy inspired me alot since he was the only guy that was as hyperly interested intraining as i am. what he did, i did. and what i did, he took a try. he's only 15!*

*a little scenary of the sunset with me and khairul's shoes. some traceur (parkour practitioner) sign of "i was here" thingy*

*there you go. me and khairul on ashtons roof top which was 17 plus storeys high. you could see almost the whole Singapore up there (nah bluffing). but you could see Johor Bahru and also the City Hall*

*this is Ashton the legend. this picture was seconds before he attempted a death defying 2 storey high gap jump. terrice even gave way for me to say my prayers before giving the way for Ashton. one of his favourite saying before his jump was "i'm a tracuer. certain things, i must take it to the next level"*

*zaid, khairul and ashton*

*thats us execpt that NC and daniel was out preparing the place for Parkour Time Attack event plus the cameraman (taking the picture) who i forgot his name. this was our last pose on top of Ashton's roof top. one thing was that we were illegally being there and if were caught by the authorities, we'd be in jail that night. from left; wei kang (sorry if wrongly spelt), rudy, me, ashton, terrice (peace pose), zaid (seductive mode), denester and khairul (attention seeker)*

*this was our breakfast at ashraf's house. slices of white and brown bread + egg + sardine + milk. enough to get us going for another day*

*this was the last picture recorded with the guys in Singapore. still in the MRT heading towards Lavender Street to catch my bus at 10pm. reached the bus stop by 9pm and had my bath in the small public toilet near the bus stop*

Tag Usrah Yang Lazat, Lemak Berkrim..Burp~

Tag ini dinamakan; Usrah Yang Lazat, Lemak Berkrim (^_^)

tagged by: Dini Syarif

Moga-moga tag ini dapat memberi pencerahan berkenaan usrah, dan lebih ramai yang dapat mengecapi nikmatnya usrah!

[1*] Berapa lama anda dah sertai usrah?
Sejak form 1, tahun 2000. kira2 baru 17 tahun itu pun waktu tuh tak tau itu usrah. Term usrah pon kenal waktu join KRJDHL dengan akh amirasyid densibali time form 2 and kenal betul2 usrah sebagai medan tarbiyah waktu di UNITEN pon dengan akh amirasyid densibali.

[2*] Bagaimana anda boleh sertai usrah?
Waktu sekolah dulu sebnarnya nak lari dari tugasan asrama. Lepas habis sekolah jerk (alamin bangi time tuh) kena start menghafal (~_~!) dengar senior (akh ibrahim hasan) buat program pengisian lepas sekolah. Ikutlah. Bagi alasan kat warden ikut program~
Lepas tuh tahun seterusnya diajak mengaktifkan diri dalam KRJDHL ikut silibus usrah bentuk games! Dikendalikan oleh anak buah usrah ayah ana sendiri. Antaranya, akh amirasyid densibali (skrg kt UK), akh fahmi (skrg ajar MRSM PASIR SALAK), akh saifudin (skrg ntah, tp last jumpe time KONSIS ZT 2008), akh zaid (ni pon ntah kat mane, tapi ana yakin die masih aktif), akh ammar (last time ana jumpe dekat melaka, jd org kuat tarbiyah melaka).
Then peringkat seterusnya, masuk UNITEN. Time tuh sebab takut dengan suasana yang gila2 budak UNITEN and kesedaran yang usrah tuh lah tempat membina semangat juang.

[3*] Kenapa anda menyertai usrah?
1. sebab nak lari dari hafalan. Sampai sekarang hafalan masih kantoi dalam usrah~
2. sebab best asek main games jerk plus boleh join program nasional KRJ
3. sebab takot and rasa perlu cari pengisian rohani!

[4*] Tiga perasaan anda setelah menyertai usrah
1. lega sebab tak payah menghafal.
2. sangat best sebab melalui KRJ and membina keyakinan diri dan keupayaan memimpin
3. alhamduliLlah, Allah masih sayangkan aku

[5*] Lima perkara yang anda dapat selama menyertai usrah
1. makan free..selalu sangat. Tapi sejak naik modul, makin kurang makan besar~
2. sumber kekuatan rohani serta ilmu yang sangat banyak
3. rakan2 seperjuangan yang sentiasa saling mengingati akan yg baik dan cegah yg munkar
4. rasa diri disayangi
5. dapat..dapat..dapat kena tag. Klu tak ikut usrah mesti tak kena tagnya~

Peraturan Tag:
1. Setiap blogger mesti letakkan peraturan ini di hujung entri
2. Blogger yang ditag perlu menjawab soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan
3. Blogger yang ditag perlu meletakkan jawapan di dalam entri blog masing-masing
4. Jangan lupa untuk tag rakan-rakan blogger yang lain
5. Jangan lupa untuk maklumkan bahawa mereka telah ditag dan perlu membaca blog anda
6. Blogger yang ditag dikehendaki untuk tag lima orang blogger yang lain

Abdullah Abbas
Bilal Jailani
Syafiq Rahim
Mus'ab EMI 2008
Muawwidz Dzulkifly

*special case sebab rasa cambest jerk nk tag;
Dr Hafidzi

Qayyim: yang tak kena tag tuh, tunggu2lah ye..bukan tak sudi nak tag antum, cuma ikut arahan~hehe..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Could Have been His Last Words

Last Monday, abi went through an operation to lessen the swollen arm due to his weak vain. The vain was actually the one that was used to stick tubes into for his dialysis. Abi is currently suffering from polycystic kidney disease which is where his kidney tends to malfunction due to genetics. My late grandmother (arwah mok cik) suffered from it too. And because of its genetic inheritance, the trait is carried on to the next generation 1 over 2. Thus within my siblings, Amin is the only one to be detected having the same trait so far. And I pray so much that me and Mawardi won’t be having it so that we can care for our brother.

Although abi doesn’t talk much about his sufferings but, surely, you could see it through how he struggles just to follow other healthy peoples pace. Not that my post here wants to discourage him, but to be honored to have a father that really sells his live and sole for Allah. And hopefully Allah will grant him his reward to be placed in paradise with those he looked upon from his history books.

Before abi was taken into the OT (operation theater), he uttered phrases from surah As-Syams to me, amin and umi. Odi wasn’t there since he had to sit his biology paper that day.

وَنَفْسٍ وَمَا سَوَّاهَا
91:7 And the soul and Him Who made it perfect,

فَأَلْهَمَهَا فُجُورَهَا وَتَقْوَاهَا
91:8 Then He inspired it to understand what is right and wrong for it;

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَن زَكَّاهَا
91:9 He will indeed be successful who purifies it,

وَقَدْ خَابَ مَن دَسَّاهَا
91:10 And he will indeed fail who corrupts it.

He smiled. That was the last thing I saw from him. Not a tear. Not a smirk of unease. And not a blame he puts on his faith in life. For sure Allah will only test those who are strong enough to face it. And if Allah brings you to it, He will take you through it.

If I could call back the days, abi had entered the OT several time now. And each time before he enters. “Abi redha dengan umi dan anak-anak..”

Abi, how you’ve inspired me to keep on walking this path. A life full of uncertainties but yet an end of wonders for those whom obligates their life for Him. We’ve seen those whom we are sure lived their lives for Allah taken from this world one after the other. Aren’t we convinced that life on earth is just temporary?

Abi, you’re an inspiration. And how I love you so much.

Pictures of Abi at Hosp Ampang Puteri

irreplaceable love

last picture of abi before he entered the OT

somehow, she managed to give out that little sign of happiness

umi helping abi out to take his abolution. prayers is no exception even for the sick.

Syahid Syeikh Ahmad Yassin to be~Allahuakbar!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Spreading The Wisdom of Islam Through The Love of Parkour

O Allah, ease my journey. Make it safe so that I won’t become a burden to anyone. Give me all Your wonders and hikmah throughout this journey so that I’ll come back wiser and stronger to continue to walk the path that leads to you. May this short experience be much beneficial to me and others in terms of da’wah. To preach others and myself to obligate our lives for You.

5 hours before heading to Singapore.
Friday - 16th May 2008

broQ: mintak doa sahabat semua, selamat pergi dan balik. moga perjalanan singkat ini (2 hari) membawa seribu semangat untuk terus berjuang..

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Long Lost Childhood Friend

InnaliLlahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un

Last Friday, the father of one of my best friends during school days, Malikin Malib Kitabullah bin Azman was taken away from this world by his Creator. Sir Azman bin Md Zain was said to be under treatment from breathing difficulties in Johor, and was steadily recovering before he died.

Having hearing the news quite late (I got the news on Saturday evening), I planned several times to visit Malikin & Bukhari with Bilal at their house in Section 3, Bangi and was granted the opportunity this afternoon after Asar prayers. Managed to bring along some ‘minuman petang’ for the family.

It’s been almost 9 years since I last spoke to Malikin. Ever since he left SRI Al-Amin Bangi in 1998 after finishing his primary 5. 5 At-Thiqah at that time and I was quite close to him because he likes to draw, mainly the hottest comic at that time, Dragon Balls. But to see him again after all these long years, eased me a lot, although just to a simple ‘ziarah’ and to convey our condolence over his lose. AlhamduliLlah, everything’s seems ok for Malikin. Bukhari was out when we came.

On my way back, I listened to Xifu and Algebra’s album, the nasyid on hadiths. The song was on what Umar ra. said that if you’re in the evening, don’t think you’re gonna see the morning. And if you're in the morning, don’t think you’re gonna see the evening. It striked me a lot for we never know when its our time. if it’s time, it’s time. not a fraction of a second early nor late.

With our lives, we are given the opportunity to make the best of it. To seek Allah’s blessings. Young before old. Rich before poor. Free time before things get hectic. Health before sick. Even in either all these situations, we must continue to work to achieve Allah’s blessing as we’re still alive. Because we’re still in the time frame of live before death.
*Me, Malikin & Bilal*
Al-Fatihah for our beloved friend’s father, Sir Azman bin Md Zain.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

College Tuanku Jaafar's Sunday Talk

Received a call on tuesday from makcik Arfah asking me if I were free on 11th May to fill in a slot at College Tuanku Jaafar, Nilai. A session where I thought was a one touch, turned out that these makciks were relying on me for a continuous program there. Even the college’s ustazah, ustazah Noriza. Because I was free, I took the offer but replied to makcik Arfah that I’ve yet to see the condition of the students and schedule it with my time for the continuous programs.
Arrived quite on time at the surau. Went in and met with Muzaffar, a six former studying there for his A levels. Met other couple of guys, but since they didn’t knew I was the speaker (some asked me f I were actually the ustaz that’ll give the talk this morning, but I replied I got a call from ustazah Noriza and decided to join in the program~), I sat at the back with amin who alhamduliLlah, managed to fight his sleepiness to accompany me.

Once the LCD arrived, took out my laptop, I noticed some of them frowned like they felt they were cheated. Ngeee. Nyw, I gave a brief introduction; ‘TA’ARUF? A fairy tale of Mohd Qayyim bin Hafidzi’. One part of the story I shared that I’m currently active with KARISMA activities which in the end lead to some sharing of what we do. Some asked me how can they join~ insyaAllah, I’ll try to arrange this for them.
My talk this morning was on ‘We Are The Agent of Change’. Which I could say very light and surface in the beginning. Near the end, I emphasized more towards our role as muslims and shared stories regarding young companions like Ali ra. and Usamah bin Zaid. I reminded them that in every civilization, movements; changes by the youth is sunnatuLlah. And we can never run from that fact that us as youth either we follow that sunnatuLlah and make changes for the better or for the worst.

I am currently reading ‘Pertentangan Iman dengan Materialisma’ by Abul Hasan Ali An-Nadwi. This book states values of surah Al-Kahfi relating it to the materialism world we’re facing today. In the section of The Seven Sleepers, he stated that 2 criteria that the ashabul Kahfi had to be given Allah’s help and guidance were ‘iman’ and ‘youth’.

نَحْنُ نَقُصُّ عَلَيْكَ نَبَأَهُم بِالْحَقِّ إِنَّهُمْ فِتْيَةٌ آمَنُوا بِرَبِّهِمْ وَزِدْنَاهُمْ هُدًى
[Al-Kahfi:13] We relate to you their story with the truth;
surely they were youths who believed in their Lord and We increased them in guidance.

وَرَبَطْنَا عَلَى قُلُوبِهِمْ إِذْ قَامُوا فَقَالُوا رَبُّنَا رَبُّ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ
لَن نَّدْعُوَ مِن دُونِهِ إِلَهاً لَقَدْ قُلْنَا إِذاً شَطَطاً

[Al-Kahfi:14] And We strengthened their hearts with patience, when they stood up and said: Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth; we will by no means call upon any god besides Him,
for then indeed we should have said an extravagant thing.

Being youths is one thing I’m grateful of, and given the opportunity to be this path of da’wah and tarbiyah is another. O Allah, make me one of those who are given strength by You to carry on this duty preaching towards You.
After the talk, I had a little conversation while we had breakfast (nasi lemak die betol2 haw liau!) with Syafie’, Shahir and Fadhli. They shared they life style there, how it’s hard to even collect people for jamaah prayers, and how ‘usrah’ has stopped for over more than 4 to 5 years. Fadhil is preparing for his finals in 3 weeks time, Syafie’ and Shahir are still in their lower six. They’re looking for the opportunity toexperience the tarbiyah environment.

It’s sad to think that certain people are offered this system. But they themselves refuse to be in the system. While some others are not offered, they had to search for it, strive and fight for it, but no one’s willing to help. Why do we pitty those who don’t want, and leave them who are thirsty of it, dangling, clinging on to their lives?

Reminds me of Surah ‘Abasa.

I’ve promised myself to be more strategize after KONSIS ZT 2008. Leave those who slowly drag me back. And welcome those who are in need and are willing to participate in CHANGING THE WOLRD.
astaghfiruLlah, astaghfiruLlah, astaghfiruLlah..
Ya Allah, jauhkan aku dari sifat ‘ujub dan bangga diri atas usaha yang sangat sedikit ini.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Visit to Mahkamah Rendah Syariah

erkk (-_-!)..not many of shah alam citizens knew where it was! Of course lah, who would wanna go? only those who had problems right! nyw, accompanied my father and grandfather to finish of my grandfathers divorce matter. and he wasn't the only couple. There were about 20 couples applying for divorce just in shah alam, with another 13 states with their own court, and 200 working days in a year where the court is in session, wonder how many family institutions have broke down?

20 x 13 x 200 = 52,ooo families!

How many new familys are made? In a year?

My unofficial statistic is quite bothering. How many family institutions would we need to build just to cover up the 52,000 that'll face divorce each year? Berape sangatlah baitul muslim yg kite dapat bina setiap tahun..

With many people, we end up with many personalities. It really reflects what kind of society that we’re dealing with. Wah! Kena buat lawatan usrah nih!

“Have you read your summon letter?”
“No your honour”
“Why? Where is it?”
“I ripped it to shreds because I was too angry”

“Are you clean madam?”
“Clean? Emm, I’m not on haid”
“May I know how long has it been?”
“Can’t remember your honour”
“When was the last time you’ve mandi wajib?”
“Can’t remember your honour”

“Madam, you are 14 weeks pregnant, are still insisting to carry on with the devorce?”

“Here I'll read you the statements..bla3..your 5 children will be under the mothers you agree with the statements read?”

“Did you have the intention of divorcing your wife when you said; ‘mulai saat ini, kita sudah tidak ada apa-apa lagi, aku tak kacau kau, kau jangan kacau aku!’?”
“Emm, not sure your honour”
“Then why did you say like that?”
“Your case is adjourned for you to think over the answer”

These are just amongst ones I could remember. Its heart breaking to see how easily families are destroyed. With a simple oath of divorce. One thing that’s halal and the syaitan loves it!

Well, my grandfather’s divorce was settled that day. Reasons were because of his health and not wanting to burden my step grandmother’s life and families just to look out for him. But really, I think there were other reasons to it. One thing about my grandfather, he’s secretive. Hmmm.

My 3 hours stay in the court room really shows how important the criteria of your couples should be. More over with our task building muslim family institutions. Having the same agenda, working towards the same goal, being understanding within the da’wah works that topples over our couple and loads more. If ad-Deen can’t be the connection, nothing will.

“Why are you asking for a divorce?”
“We have no more understanding between us your highness”
“Is that all? Your case is adjourned till next time. And I want a definite and strong answer for the divorce”

Looking back to my parents. Being daie’s is what made them still being together. 22 years now and still counting (^_^) insyaAllah. Working for islam is the ultimate answer to a strong family, which many don’t see. Love. Arranged marriage. Promises. These are nothing compared to islam.

Yep. Marriage is the answer to avoid sins. just take a look around with all the young couples mingling like no one cares! Emm..since when did this became a habit. If I wasn’t mistaken, 5 years back, you won’t be seeing things like today! But [is marriage the correct answer to this illness? If yes, won’t it bring more damage to the family institution? If no, then what can we do?]

It’s a social norm now to couple. Which is very bad! With the TVs encouraging it, dope parents giving permissions, and the ‘owh its not my problem’ society. Coupling is getting worse. Now we hear people changing mates like changing clothes and getting break ups like too frequent. And I do express my worries that some day (nauzubiLlah) when marriage is taken lightly, divorce is also taken lightly. Where people don’t see marriage as a bigger commitment than coupling. Meaning that marriage is then just like coupling but with a certificate, where you could have childrens..and when you’re bored, get a divorce!

Something must be done!

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah aku pasangan yang mampu membimbing aku menuju Mu.

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marriage in islam
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My New Phone Number

Akh Hj Nahar called me this morning. he had to go through my father before he new i changed my phone number. so guys, anyone reading this, do be informed that ive changed my number from:

019 2654337
(from now on, its my mother's, Pn. Zuraidah, for office use)


013 3266832
(because its uni pack..the rate is so cheap lor)

Allah Made Me Funny

I came across ustaz maszlee malik's blog and read over the acticle entitled Akhirnya Pemimpin Arab Mampu Untuk Bersepakat. What interested me was a link on Azhar Usman and Preacher Moss, whom both are muslim stand-up comedians. Wow! Never thought there would be any but there they are.
I’ve watched one of Azhar Usman’s performance, and yes, comedy from a true muslim perspective. Not really did I understand all his jokes, but he did pinch in a few facts about islam and the misconceptions by the public. He managed to fill the platform for da’wah.

Allah Made Me Funny (AMMF) really portrays the skills given by Allah to do da’wah just like in the story of Ghulamu Da’wah. *yet to find the book~ ‘Iman & Harakah’

After all, ustaz Salam also quoted that da’wah is fun. Where ‘fun’ is actually an arab word meaning ‘art’. Islam can reach each sole differently and to that matter, we must vary the method of preaching on it. Simply said, da’wah is all means of calling humans to Allah. Don’t take this rigidly. That’s why people think too much to what extend must they urge others into islam, whereby just asking one to think about His creation is actually da’wah.

وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ قَوْلاً مِّمَّن دَعَا إِلَى اللَّهِ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحاً وَقَالَ إِنَّنِي مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ
[fuhsilat, 41:33] And who speaks better than he who calls to Allah while he himself does good,
and says: I am surely of those who submit?

But as daie’s, we must always bare the end in mind. Da’wah IS to call upon human to obey Him in every means of his life.

While me, umi and abi were watching a documentary ‘Animal Did It First’ over Animals Planet channel, I suddenly came across the question about house flies.

Q: I once read that house flies only life up to 12 hours.
HMN: Naah! At least around 1 or 2 weeks. If you check the life circle of a fly, it could take around a week to reach adulthood.
ZK: Maybe once they’ve laid their eggs, they fly out to die?
HMN: See how Allah has created these animals. Certain creations die after serving their main purpose of life, to breed. Once done, nature will take its path.
ZK: Different to human. Once giving birth, the responsibility stacks up. To feed. To teach. To protect.

Q (monolog): because our purpose of life is not to breed. Its to bring islam into the world. Memainkan peranan sebagai khalifah dan menyeru kepada ketundukan total, pengabdian sepenuhnya kepada Allah.

I usually share in my usrah the question of to what extend is our role as caliphs? In bahasa, khalifah yang memakmurkan bumi. Through what yard stick we use to measure ‘makmur’. Peradaban. Civilization. Is it through education, technology and mega constructions?

I believe that ‘makmur’ will only be achieved when islam is put at the most top. Ustaziatul Alam. The last stage of da’wah from the 7 steps.

Are we heading there my friends? Am I?

What skills can we lend for this noble mission?


Back to (AMMF), Azhar Usman portrays a good side of muslims. A side which has been in the dark view from the public’s eyes. Muslims don’t laugh, they’re serious and they don’t socialize. Well in a way, he showed that we are very much humane.

Respect. May Allah bless and give strength to all preachers of islam through methods unthought-of.

وَقُلِ اعْمَلُواْ فَسَيَرَى اللّهُ عَمَلَكُمْ وَرَسُولُهُ وَالْمُؤْمِنُونَ
وَسَتُرَدُّونَ إِلَى عَالِمِ الْغَيْبِ وَالشَّهَادَةِ فَيُنَبِّئُكُم بِمَا كُنتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ
[Taubah,9:105] And say: Work; so Allah will see your work and (so will) His Apostle and the believers;
and you shall be brought back to the Knower of the unseen and the seen,
then He will inform you of what you did.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sesungguhnya Aku Dekat

وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِي عَنِّي فَإِنِّي قَرِيبٌ
أُجِيبُ دَعْوَةَ الدَّاعِ إِذَا دَعَانِ فَلْيَسْتَجِيبُواْ لِي وَلْيُؤْمِنُواْ بِي لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْشُدُون

[2:186] Dan apabila hamba-hamba-Ku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka (jawablah), bahwasanya Aku adalah dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdo'a apabila ia memohon kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (segala perintah-Ku) dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran.

*when my servants question you about Me, tell them that I am very close to them. I answer every suppliant when he calls; therefore, they should respond to Me and put their trust in Me, so thet they may be rightly guided.

did my morning tadarrus just now and came to this ayah. tadabbur monolog session. Allah is every time so close. He asks us to do his orders, leave whats warned of, inreturn, He guides us to Him. which we know an eternity of Happyness.

simple. obey. rewarded. but why do we tend to violate rules laid for us which are clearly known to protect us?

Allah, jadikan aku orang yang sentiasa taat padaMu.

What A Day

Tuesday..started out with a parkour session at The Mines which ended up with us getting caught with the security. Being held like hostages for almost 10minutes, we backed off into Mines foodcourt to chill ourselves. Felt sorry for the other guys as they didn’t had the chance to explore the place, which I tell is ‘giler best’.

Nyw, after some refreshments, amir and mim (I think..tak ingat lor) headed off home, amar and the geng went for the movies and me and azam went to bowl. Irsyad and fikri joined us on our way to 3rd floor. Had quite a time since its been almost 2 months since my last bowling session. Drilled some screws but finished the second frame with straights, both games were ‘haji’ (above 100)..alhamduliLlah

وَمَكَرُواْ وَمَكَرَ اللّهُ وَاللّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

3:54]And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners.

These verses were frequently said each time one of us throws our ball. At least a little tazkeerah so that we don’t get carried away feeling that some strikes are due to our effort only. But surely, Allah intends it that way. Same goes with the ones we missed. To always remember not to be ‘ujub’ with what we’ve gained.

After that, Irsyad treated me to some arcade basket ball game. RM1. I lost to him with 16 goals..well, first timer. Its good to know what they’ve been up to when they hang over at the malls. Yeah some cinema, arcade, loitering. Some times, its better to just show your principals, that certain things we just don’t do such as going to cinemas. Kinda like talking doesn’t do the job, but rather da’wah bil haal.

Fikri shared his opinion how I communicated with them. I used ‘ana’ ‘anta’ in our school days. The batch after me kinda got astray~ ‘aku’ ‘ko’ was more familiar to them. So me taking those vocabs into my talks kinda ured them to do the same when replying. Fikri expressed that it was hard to do it with others. I shared how allayarham Fadhullah normed his life with those words till most people who talks with him will use ‘ana’ ‘anta’ just have to stick to your principals. Be the agent of change. And to be one, you must stick to your Principes. So gg, chot, paan, mel (close mates)..i’m gonna start ‘ana’ ‘anta’ next sem insyaAllah.

Arrived home and prepared myself to meet my lecturers. Mintak simpati naikkan grade. Well, before that umi accompanied me to meet the YTN officers to ask how to convert my scholarships into loan. But, its not that easy as I have to fill in a new form and the minimum requirement is GPA 3.00..which means I’d have to apply again next semester and make sure I get a 3.00 this coming sem. Hmmm. Have to lessen my activities. But for sure da’wah must go on. So, MPP, rowing, PPI…ape lagi yek? I have to slow down. I’ll consult Acap (bureau of information and publication, MPP, I work under him), Dominic (my rowing club president, I’m his vice) and Azrie (lajnah integrasi dan perpaduan, I work under him)..i really need to step it down a lot! And focus more on my studies. Nih boleh jadi fitnah nih klu aku asek teruk jerk dalam academics.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to registrar to regrade my grades..RM75/paper. If my grades improve, then I get back my money, otherwise..burn la oi! Kena banyak mintak pertolongan Allah nih.

إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

[1:5] Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.

At night..USRAH

Been looking forward to this since KONSIS ZT 2008. the last few weeks I;ve been trying hard to improve the bond between my usrah members. alhamduliLlah, if you really try, Allah will help in many ways. Give you strength. Give you willingness. And furthermore, this usrah is very important as is my source of tarbiyah and motivation.

Discussed over surah Al-Qalam.

One part I found interesting to be shared here is about the story of the stingy farmers and how Allah treats the believers differently than the kuffars.

Lets say A(mu’min) and B(kufffar)..our rat labs. Both are entrepreneurs. At one point both suffered the same huge amount of loss. Regarding this, both made some post mortem where the loss came from and how it happened. Difference is, B will say that the losses were due to human errors, economy and so on. But for A, its particularly that Allah wants to remind him for his sins. Which will make him a much stronger believer afterwards. This was told through the story of the stingy farmers where in the end, they realized they weren’t dependant on Allah. Maka bertambahlah iman mereka.

Next was FUTUR part II.

Last time we discussed till point number 6. nyw, I list down all 13 points from the book ‘sebab gagalnya dakwah’ by..ntah, tak hengat.
1. berlebihan dalam aturan agama
2. melampaui batas dalam benda yang harus
3. memisahkan diri daripada jamaah
4. kurang memikirkan mati & akhirat
5. melalaikan kewajipan harian (seperti solat sunat..yg fardhu apatah lagi)
6. tubuh dimasuki perkara haram & shubhah
7. melaksanakan sebahagian sahaja amalan agama
8. tak faham sunnatuLlah dakwah & perjuangan
9. mengabaikan ‘kebutuhan’ jasmani..(ana suke ayat nih..ayat indonesia. Klu tukar tak samapi pulak maksudnya)
10. tak prepare hadapi perjalanan dakwah
11. berkumpulan dengan mereka yang berpenyakit FUTUR
12. tidak merancang aktiviti tarbiyah
13. berlarutan buat maksiat & memandang ringan dosa kecil
boleh elaborate nih. Tapi kene ikut usrah ana lah..^_^

after that was sahabah Abdullah ibn umi Makhtum.

We talked about Abdullah ibn Umi Makhtum. Sonds like familiar. Hmmmm..sape ek?
Well, this sahabah was the blind man Ar-Rasul accidentally ignored in the surah ‘Abasa. He then became one of the prophets most trusted to carry out his duties while he was away. Abdullah ibn umi makhtum usually took place as imam when the prophet Muhammad pbuh went to war and he also called the azan for fajar during ramadhan. And he was never wrong. During this time, we all were quite amazed, a blind man to be very aware of dawn..for us, even with good eye sights, we don’t even know fajar till we hear the azan from the mosque or just that our alarm clock starts ringing at 6am. This sahabah fllowed the muslimeen army into the battle of Qadisiyah. A war between the Persians and the muslims if not mistaken during khilafah umars leadership. Abdullah took the task holding the flag. He died while still holding it. Died a syuhada’. Would we be as courageous as Abdullah ibn umi Makhtum when the time comes? O Allah, grant us syaheed.

Last thing was some ‘sembang kopi’. Me and bilal shared our experience at KONSIS ZT 2008. About ghulamu da’wah, ghazwatul fikr and da’wah fardhiyah. We were very pleased with the out come. But as akh Riza used to say, the success of tarbiyah is when one is left alone. Menjauhi maksiat. Memperbanyakkan ibadah sunat.

other things~

Asrol will be my neighbor starting 8th May. He’s moving in to 4/6 which is just 500m from my house. insyaAllah will try to make that ‘rumah bujang’ one hell of da’wah port! Mintak bibik masak sekali-sekala. Pancing budak-budak rumah asrol~

alhamduliLlah, one day goes by.
“the generation will move along. Old ones will leave, new ones will come..its up to us either to catch up or get left behind from the kafilah da’wah”

Allah, kurniakanlah hambaMu ini kekuatan untuk esok hari.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


salam and peace,

alhamduliLlah, finished KONSIS ZT (konvensyen mahasiswa nasional zon tengah) 2008 this afternoon. was very pleased that i made it till the end since this was actually my 3rd time joining, but the 1st to fully committed. thinking it back, was quite a waste to be joining in at such a late time compared to the other ikhwahs..

its like missing the train..but Allah gave me this other chance to catch up

like akh Hussaini shared in his slot in the 'student life' forum, KONSIS made his turning point. and so would this KONSIS do to me. finally getting back to normal grounds, having the chance to once again breath the air of dakwah and tarbiyah. Within the real understanding.

much was gained through out the 3 days stay. friends. motivation. having to know that i had miss lead myself in the world of tarbiyah. hearing kak MJ (maryam jailani) saying that she actually fell in love with dakwah & tarbiyah made me realize how important those things were. i some how took them lightly over the years. to embrace it is one thing. to appreciate it is another. and i finally came to that sence that i need to appreciate it more than i did before.

"anta nih husband ana yang kedua, sebab ana jatuh cinta dengan dakwah & tarbiyah lebih dulu.." said kak MJ that night..a view point that should change my perception to how diae's firmly grasp the quality of life.

i opened up myself again last night about the tarbiyah situation in UNITEN. i promised my self not to. because each time i did it, its kinda 'merungut', sulking..not being dependent on Allah. all thats happening in UNITEN is the result of me taking dakwah and tarbiyah so damn lightly. Thus I have no reason to sulk. O Allah, help me win this battle. Another 2 years left, yet I have no confident leaving. Strengthen my faith on You, strategize my workings, tighten my bond within my brothers ‘seusrah’ and ‘sefikrah’ so that we will walk this path together and leave a generation that will continue fight.

Ghulamu Da’wah

Ghazwatul Fikr

So little discussed but yet, its up to me to explore. Read more. Tsabatkan hati untuk terus berusaha mencari ilmu. A little discussion with Ust. Arif cleared that only through knowledge that we can tie the knot between us and our madu’s.

I came upon many people. Those who motivated me in many ways. JazakumulLahu khairan kathira to all for making those little fractions of a second in my whole life meaningfull. Meeting those who were ‘legends’ for their dakwah, those who put working for islam a standard life chapter which without it, their lives are meaningless, a novel unfinished.
To see them embracing tarbiyah reminded me the first usrah I joined. Wanted to share this when akh Auzan called out for story sharing on how we knew tarbiyah. But naah! Too much mencapub since 1st day, ikhwah nye keje nih..macamlah diorang kenal aku sorang je kat situh! nyw, my 1st usrah was unintentionally attended since I wanted to get away from hafadzan session at the hostel after school, so used it as an excuse. Akh Ibrahim Hassan lead the halaqah, talked about how As-Syahid Imam Hasan Al-Banna worked hard to revive islam, how the khilafah took its downfall, works to be carried on..i cried that very first time. Ever since, I though I had that feeling of gratitude having to know that muslims should do da’wah..but little did I know, I was too dissolved with the ideology, that I neglected tarbiyah as a crucial source to dakwah. I’ve regained that conscious insyaAllah through KONSIS ZT 2008.

2 more months, akh Bilal will hopefully fly to Egypt to further his studies. This akh accompanied me most of time during KONSIS. Much did I learn from him, mostly being motivated. How we discussed, shared our opinions, our stories..i’ll miss this guy sooo much. Akh Amirasyid also left around the same time last year to UKs.

People are leaving’ll have to learn to build yourself alone from now on. If you don’t have that intention to change, to improve..then there’ll might never be another time.

Umi shared her story just now after dinner on how she came to wear the scarf during her school time at STF (sekolah tun fatimah kot)..hidayah comes in a flash. If we choose not to change, no one knows when the other time will come. Will there ever be another time?

A new chapter in life