Sunday, January 18, 2015


IF is a losy word.
Can't predict the future.
Nor can it change the past.

You are from what was.
You will be from what is.

IF the past was different.
You are not you today.
IF the next step you choose not be what you chose
You will be as what you are
Not you as what IF

IF is remorse. Failure of the past.

But i'll better myself.
For IF cannot change me but me myself.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

live life as thou you are a traveler

ever thought why the Prophet said this?


Monday 3.30pm - travelled to Johor to visit a relative who just passed away. on the way stopped by Kuantan at 6.00pm to pickup Amin. then Bangi at 10.00pm to drop my wife at her parents and continued all the way to Batu Pahat. reached destination by 2.00am

Tuesday 10.00am - visited the grave of our late Pak Ndak in Seri Gading. then off to Bangi. picked up bibik at the Hospital, went to my in laws', washed and went back to the Hospital to take care of atok. spent the night in the hospital till 1.00pm the next day.

Wednesday 9.00pm - off to Paka. had to work on Thursday. Alhamdulillah, accompanied by Muaz. Managed to shop for presents and celebrate 2 birthdays during the day; Ummi's and Abah Jamal's which falls on the same date 26th Oct. reached home by 4.00am due to the heavy rain and a loooong nap at R&R Temerloh.

Thursday 8.00am - Work. all day. and did some laundry during the night :)

Friday 1.00pm - Friday prayers off course. then took muaz for some ikan pari bakar lunch and showed him the haunted Paka 7 Eleven..doesn't look that scary during the day though. then off to Bangi. reached my in laws' by 8.00pm. slept till 2.00am

Saturday 9.00pm - had asam pedas dinner with ummi and abi at home. then watched the first 10 minutes of Piala Malaysia's final match before fetching my cousin who's been taking care of atok since the afternoon, sent her back to Putrajaya. now as i'm writing this, i'm back on shift at the hospital...

Sunday..i'll asume it's gonna be as hectic as the days before. plus i've got a 5 days auditor course in PD this Monday


seems that in life, there isn't quite a term such as "settling down". because there is always things to do, things to rush to.

you get what i mean right?

i'm gonna end it here, getting tired typing with the Playbook actually.

so, are you a traveler?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Loceng Kesabaran

Ding dong ding dong
Ding dong
Ding dong ding dong ding dong


Ding dong ding dong




Ding dong ding dong ding dong
Ding dong

Aaaa abang. Saya dari Dominos Pizza nak buat promosi sebab kami...
Awak ni darjah berapa?
Ingat ni rumah mak ko yang punya!?
Maaf bang. Tapi ni promosi sebab kami bukak kedai dekat seksyen 9..
Kepala hotak ko aku tanya pasal promosi ko! Tu budak yang tekan loceng rumah aku macam orang gila tu apsal!?
Maaf kami nak promosi pizza. Boleh call untuk penghantaran terus ke..
Baguslah! Aku boleh call boss korang bagitau biadapnya korang!


Aku renung tajam. Mereka pun renung tajam.

Mereka belah.

Aa baguslah. Nak tekan lagi tak loceng rumah ni? Percuma je! Takpun main loceng rumah sebelah!

Mereka duduk bawah pokok kat hujung rumah. Berehat.

Aku perhatikan dari grill pintu.

10 minit keadaan kekal seperti itu.

Dialog diatas adalah daripada kejadian sebenar tengah hari tadi di Bangi.

Aku pasti ada cara yang lebih baik untuk memberikan teguran. Sabar itu taqwa. Menahan amarah itu taqwa. Memaafkan itu taqwa.

Berhikmahlah terhadap manusia. Sesungguhnya mereka perlukan bimbingan dan kasih sayang..