Wednesday, July 30, 2008


salam and peace to all my blog readers,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not updating my postings. My last post was probably days before the semester began, and the previous post was just a cut and paste. Anyhow, been quite busy with a lot of readjustments being made here and there for this semester, yet for myself and others..better yet for islam.

Well, gonna start off this entry with a little story bout the new battalion of UNITEN. 20+ of them. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me another change to do da’wah again with the new comers and I really pray that these bunch are no more ‘lab rats’ and experiment subjects. I’m still in that phase of learning to be a good murabbi and while in that process I must ensure that I do bring up better mutarabbi. InsyaAllah this Friday will be their official halaqah sitting as before this I’ve been conducting our meet-ups as one whole big halaqah with the presence of their naqib to be. May Allah give us all strength to be amongst those who work towards the revival of islam.

Next thing I wanna share here is that I’ve watched HANCOCK! And for some reason, that movie has some very good values for me as a murabbi. Because I watched the pirated version as I downloaded it through the web-server, I couldn’t get some of the dialogs but the scenes that took me is when the salesman (ntah..) tries to put in some commonsense into hancock. He didn’t give up even though being let down the first time. We could even take examples on how he treated hancock the first time they met. Well, no point telling you guys everything, go find the movie and watch it.

I got sick last two nights. The night before I was already suffering from sore throats and harsh coughs. And on that night I was putting on 4 to 5 layers of shirts just to sweat my coming fever off, but during my sleep, I suffered from breathing difficulties. I really though it was due to my mucus plus the thick layer of shirts, so I didn’t call out for gg’s assistance and further on I just took off a couple of shirt layers off. My mother took me back yesterday night and we went to az-zahrah. There, only I new that my childhood asthma has returned. The hard breathing I suffered was an asthma attach..alhamdulillah, Allah still wants me to see another day light. So its back to old times ‘pantang larang’. No more cold drinks, ice creams and heavy sports which really makes me not me. Think about it, every time I eat it comes with; ice kosong, I’m bored; ice-cream, evenings are filled with; sports..huh~

Right now, I just came back from usrah with akh Riza. Started typing since gg said there’s no homework due for tomorrow. Tonight’s meeting was held at anas house, so asked ummi to send me there after reminding myself that I need to build ‘iltizam’. Thanks ummi for sending me despite being very tired plus preparing yourself for an early wake up for tomorrow’s journey to Melaka. May Allah grant you all the strength and be given His protection through out your journey. I was already 10 minutes late. Just as I gave salam, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one having a fever. Akh Riza had it too. He was in a even worse condition than I was in. He really has ‘iltizam’. May Allah protect you and award you with jannah.

Ok now..moments ago there was thousands of things lurking in my mind waiting to burst into this blog, but it just fled away I guest.

Till my next entry.

broQ: istiqamah~yang kecil ni pon susah, apatah lagi nak membina manusia, nak membina diri..Allahuakbar

Friday, July 25, 2008

FAST 2 FUND! lets join..

Every participant is encouraged to fast every Mondays and Thursdays throughout the month of Rejab and Sya'ban,and perform obligatory fast throughout the month of Ramadhan.
Fund of at least RM 100 that is targeted from each participant is based on the savings of the budget allocated for lunch on every fasting days, and thus saved for this fund.
Calculation Model:

Fast on Mondays & Thursdays
throughout the month of Rejab & Sya'ban
16 days x RM 3.50 = RM 56

Obligatory fasting during month of Ramadhan
30 days x RM 3 = RM 90

Total fund = RM 56 + RM 90 = 146


For bank in purposes:
Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah MalaysiaBank Muamalat
- No Akaun 140 3000 405 3711
Maybank - No Akaun 5622 0960 8847

Phone No: 03-4105 3766 (Encik Nasir)
more details, do head up to:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Doaku Buat Sahabat

Just now, I’ve finished talking with Hakim Khatib, a friend of mine while we ‘lepak sebentar menghilangkan penat’ before performing our isya’ prayers.

Our topic was on his concern about the issue of tarbiyah in UNITEN. We discussed the matter for almost 2 hours till it was 1 am. But I’m sure that most of what I said was just in my opinion and are tended to be wrong in a way. I’m was actually happy for him as he has shown a commitment to actually build himself towards working for islam.

Although our manhaj is lead by different platforms, I pray for all his luck to be given strength, consistency and commitment by Allah to search what is best for him and for the ummah.

Kesedaran -> pemantapan kesedaran -> cari sistem tarbiyah -> istiqamah -> bekerja untuk islam agar tiada lagi orang akan menghadapi permasalahan seperti kita...kan Hakim?

Ya Allah,
Kau berikanlah yang terbaik buat sahabatku, Hakim Khatib,
Agar dia terus dilimpahkan hidayah,
Diberi kekuatan untuk istiqamah dalam meniti jalan perjuangan,
Dikurnia semangat untuk terus membina diri,
Jadikanlah dia,
Seorang pejuang islam yang gigih memacu kepimpinan ummah,
Pembina keluarga muslim dan ribuan para duat,
Qudwah hasanah buat mereka yang disekeliling,
Seorang yang tekat dengan prinsip islami,
Serta dikurniakan syahid,
Dan redhaMu atas kerja amal dakwahnya

broQ monolog: banyak cakap, banyak juga salahnya..moga dapat sebaik2 manfaat drp perbincangan kita