Thursday, June 4, 2009

Diversity: how you look on it?

Talking about this issue, it reminds me of my first National program that i attended as a participant: Konvensyen Tarbiyah Nasional (KONTARN) in 2007 which was held in Melaka. One of the input sessions was given by Dr. Harlina (Ketua Wanita JIM) on 'Diversity Management'.

i couldn't recall all the significant points shared during the talk, but what i could conclude from it was that diversity will happen in organizations and in our daily lives. thus how we manage it will reflect on the effects, either we deal with it or ignore, either we take advantage of it or let it be in control, either we demolish it or put some effort towards working together.

Currently i'm doing my practical training in STS. We have this Turnaround (TA) project with Petlin where my company provides the maintenance services during the regulatory DOSH shutdown. having to work 7 days a week, going back at 10pm, i see and deal with alot of trends and personalities. There are those who blame, while others won't take the blame. There are those who are committed, while others take advantage. There are those who know, while others act like they know. There are those who gets work done, while....well, no one gets work undone or lag behind!

Yeap, thats the scenario here. We deal with alot of diversity, from different family backgrounds, different working style, different is still being done. and everyone is chasing progress. no progress is not an option.

I've learnt alot from my supervisor, who is also the STS Terengganu Branch Manager and the TA manager; Hj Fakhrul Anuar Hj Zulkawi. I'm very impressed with how he handles diversity, how he changes stressful situations and changes it into opportunities that opens up new beginnings. It's probably how he views it. From that only each 'defect' can be 'chances' in management.

From the PKMY scene, we have guys who stick with PKMY, while others prefer 3RUNMY. This is also a complex situation where we have different opinions but stick together. As i strongly believe that by being in one big community will benefit all. Although the opportunity to discuss such issue in the community is quite hard, but by looking at it in a possitive manner will solve alot rather than arguing on it with no solution. 

It was just yesterday that i had dinner with some of the Petlin trainees who were also the same age as me from UTP. Shakur, Rizal, Farid and Hafiz. I met Rizal the first time i went into Petlin, and had the first impression of that he must be damn rich since he's such a young engineer. Then i met Rizal while applying my TA briefing card, i addressed him 'abang'. hahaha..the second time we met was outside the Petlin Musolla. Only then we got the chance the introduce ourselves.

We shared our backgrounds, and it turns out that Shakur knows Abdullah the President of KARISMA. So i asked if he joins any of the KARISMA's activities or perhaps want to join. He answered that he's already involved with another wadah, which i didn't ask further.

so what is it..

A) different ship, same destination?

B) same ship, different task, same destination?

C) different ship, same flag, same destination?

To me personally, i'd go for B. i don't know, but to me..We all are on the same ship and we all agree to the one flag that the ship carries. It's just that we have different task so that the ship always progresses forward towards our ultimate destination. If one section fails or slows down with they're designated tasks, the ship also slows down. If one crew section lags behind, all crew lags too.

Which one answer we pick..the question still lingers.


to be continued after jumaah prayer (5/6/2009-sts petlin TA)