Friday, May 9, 2008

A Visit to Mahkamah Rendah Syariah

erkk (-_-!)..not many of shah alam citizens knew where it was! Of course lah, who would wanna go? only those who had problems right! nyw, accompanied my father and grandfather to finish of my grandfathers divorce matter. and he wasn't the only couple. There were about 20 couples applying for divorce just in shah alam, with another 13 states with their own court, and 200 working days in a year where the court is in session, wonder how many family institutions have broke down?

20 x 13 x 200 = 52,ooo families!

How many new familys are made? In a year?

My unofficial statistic is quite bothering. How many family institutions would we need to build just to cover up the 52,000 that'll face divorce each year? Berape sangatlah baitul muslim yg kite dapat bina setiap tahun..

With many people, we end up with many personalities. It really reflects what kind of society that we’re dealing with. Wah! Kena buat lawatan usrah nih!

“Have you read your summon letter?”
“No your honour”
“Why? Where is it?”
“I ripped it to shreds because I was too angry”

“Are you clean madam?”
“Clean? Emm, I’m not on haid”
“May I know how long has it been?”
“Can’t remember your honour”
“When was the last time you’ve mandi wajib?”
“Can’t remember your honour”

“Madam, you are 14 weeks pregnant, are still insisting to carry on with the devorce?”

“Here I'll read you the statements..bla3..your 5 children will be under the mothers you agree with the statements read?”

“Did you have the intention of divorcing your wife when you said; ‘mulai saat ini, kita sudah tidak ada apa-apa lagi, aku tak kacau kau, kau jangan kacau aku!’?”
“Emm, not sure your honour”
“Then why did you say like that?”
“Your case is adjourned for you to think over the answer”

These are just amongst ones I could remember. Its heart breaking to see how easily families are destroyed. With a simple oath of divorce. One thing that’s halal and the syaitan loves it!

Well, my grandfather’s divorce was settled that day. Reasons were because of his health and not wanting to burden my step grandmother’s life and families just to look out for him. But really, I think there were other reasons to it. One thing about my grandfather, he’s secretive. Hmmm.

My 3 hours stay in the court room really shows how important the criteria of your couples should be. More over with our task building muslim family institutions. Having the same agenda, working towards the same goal, being understanding within the da’wah works that topples over our couple and loads more. If ad-Deen can’t be the connection, nothing will.

“Why are you asking for a divorce?”
“We have no more understanding between us your highness”
“Is that all? Your case is adjourned till next time. And I want a definite and strong answer for the divorce”

Looking back to my parents. Being daie’s is what made them still being together. 22 years now and still counting (^_^) insyaAllah. Working for islam is the ultimate answer to a strong family, which many don’t see. Love. Arranged marriage. Promises. These are nothing compared to islam.

Yep. Marriage is the answer to avoid sins. just take a look around with all the young couples mingling like no one cares! Emm..since when did this became a habit. If I wasn’t mistaken, 5 years back, you won’t be seeing things like today! But [is marriage the correct answer to this illness? If yes, won’t it bring more damage to the family institution? If no, then what can we do?]

It’s a social norm now to couple. Which is very bad! With the TVs encouraging it, dope parents giving permissions, and the ‘owh its not my problem’ society. Coupling is getting worse. Now we hear people changing mates like changing clothes and getting break ups like too frequent. And I do express my worries that some day (nauzubiLlah) when marriage is taken lightly, divorce is also taken lightly. Where people don’t see marriage as a bigger commitment than coupling. Meaning that marriage is then just like coupling but with a certificate, where you could have childrens..and when you’re bored, get a divorce!

Something must be done!

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah aku pasangan yang mampu membimbing aku menuju Mu.

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