Thursday, April 24, 2008

fail MASB113

astaghfiruLlah, a burden to shoulder..failing my subject was really a big test on me. Allah, you have given me so much, and its Your right to test your servants to see whom really have faith in you. i've committed so much sins in the past, so many time i've forgotten You, taken You lightly..and its only fair of whats happened to me, to remind me of my doings.

having to know i'll loose my scholarship next semester, really puts some thinking in me. fuuh! live goes on. either we like it or not. we choose the path we want. and seems like i've choosen mine. to loose that scholarship..tambah pulak la beban umi abi nak cover perbelanjaan aku, kereta aku pakai lagi, hostel, macam-macamlah. hutang abi aku tak bayar lagi~ (-_-!) 

hutang tetap hutang!

back to my F grade for MASB113 (Malaysian Studies), the night before, i was not doing much of usnudzon (having good thoughts of others). infact, i kept blaming the lecturer for maybe wrongly keying the grades, or miss placed my assingments or just doesnt like me at all. he was quite a troublesome and fussy lecturer as he demanded all assingments to be handed colour printed plus big pictures. he also doesnt teach much like for the 2 hours classes, 1 hour if for coffe talk, 30 minutes of his depressed feelings on the class and the last 30 minutes is our lecture. ngahahaha! i usually sleep during the entire class although i always sit amongst the first row or 2nd or 3rd row. siap ternganga lagi kadang-kadang~

but i was totally wrong. he was kinda anoyying. but he tried to help me when i came to see him this morning. and it turned out that i was the one to be blamed for the F grade. i wrongly missed a zero in my ID number. instead of ME078047, i wrote ME07847..there was only 1 paper left on his desk unowned. and my marks were without a finals. thus making me fail. the unowned paper went from one section to the other.but the other lecturers say its not from theirs. the paper scored 40/50..thats big A. alhamduliLlah, it turned out the paper was mine..hahaha. cuai giler aku nih..

he helped me write the appologizing letter to the dean..and hopefully will be setteled by next week insyaAllah..

lesson learned today: always have good thoughts of others. akh AKAD used to say that we must have atleast 70 good reasons for someone. if you have all 70, the 71 will likely be ok for us to think bad of one else. nevertheless, always usnudzon!

here's some eye pleasure. after meeting the lecturer and setteling my grade, i went to mines wonderland and did some little filming. not much as the camera broke down. enjoy.



Syafiq said...
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Syafiq said...

semoga d'pmudahkan urusan..
Insha Allah..

mujahid said...

moga terus diberi kekuatan

solahuddin the warrior said...

buat suspens je la.. :P

Dini Syarif said...

Alhamdulillah, dah settle rupanya.

Baru ingat nak blanja makan :P Kensel, kensel!