Tuesday, April 22, 2008


today i had the chance to follow abi and hear his talk to some elders in a 'PROGRAM MOTIVASI WARGA EMAS' near Sg. Congkak. presicely at Nur Lembah Pangsun, just after Sg. Congkak, quite a nice place, maybe could hold a parkour camp there some day ^_^

well, i didnt really got the topic of abi's talk, but summerising it, its about how we live life as muslims. and the entire talk was basically around 'where we came and to where we're going' idea. this he took the confucius philosophy where they say that life is between 'not knowing' and 'cant remember'.."where were you from/how were you born?" hmmm, can't remember. "where are you heading after death?" hmmm, don't know..perhaps don't care!?
if we master these questions, our lives are much meaningfull as we have a starting point and we know where to end. these are answered clearly in the Quran and Hadiths. the Quran even stated the human developement in the womb scientifically way years before modern scientist knew it. thus, to what reason do I neglect this understanding!? dont i claim im in faith of Allah?

years i've shared this in usrah, 'we decide!'..'hidayah is given to each and everyone, but what makes it different between the believers and non-believers? is the choice that they make, the choice we make'. but to where do i stand in my own preachings? to where does my decision takes me..its not like 'pika-chu! i choose you!', but rather HELL or HEAVEN. owh Lord, do protect me from the wrong doings i've done. guide me into doing the right things. lead me to You.

i'm a believer..but am i a strong believer?

abi shared the story during the Khandak War or also known as Al-Ahzab..the war where Prophet Muhammad pbuh with the early believers dug trenches around Madinah to face the whole arab jazirah. during the digging process, sahabats came with a big boulder in the middle of the dug out trench, unable to break it down, they called the Prophet in favour of help. Prophet Muhammad hit the boulder 3 times. the first hit gave out a white colour light, where he was seen with palaces of Persia. the second hit gave a red light which was pictured with palaces of Rome and the last one was a light that lit the whole universe. (it was also believed that those red/white colour where the reason why most of nusantara countries have flags baring those colours, including some politic parties like the original PAS flag and UMNO). during this event, come out the hadith promising that Persia and Rome will be defeated by islam.
being out numbers, materially uneven and surrounded..yet given a hope of truth that islam will have its rise.
us, being in this situation, we may as well ask when! typically a clear indication of weak faith in Ar-Rasul's words. but them, the sahabats, eagerly asked which one would fall first!

thus replied 'the empire of constantine'..

upon hearing this, the sahabats dreamnt of leading the invasion army into constantine. yet, after umar al-khattab, kilafah ummaiyah, khilafah abbasiah. the city stood tall. till then came along Muahammad Al-Fatih who opened the city. after the war, he gathered all his men.standing.

"for those who has missed his fardhu prayers even once..sit down"
not one of his army sat
"for those who has missed his sunat rowatib prayers even once..sit down"
half of his army men sat
"for those who has missed his qiammullail even once..sit down"
all his men sat, but one..he him self..Muhammad Al-Fatih

it was also recorded that a hadith said that constantine will fall into the hands of a soleh army lead by the most soleh of them all. and it was true. Persia had its down fall. so true of what Ar-Rasul once said. Rome? some said that Rome is still yet to fall. the power of the west. the vatican.

and where do stand to believe its down fall? to what extend do my efforts go into the promise given by the Prophet?

Palestine..too has been honoured the promise of victory. to where does my effort go into the promise given? its no 'cakap kosong'..it will happen! and yet, i choose to where i stand. a by-stander or the one who gives his life into the efforts of freeing Al-Aqsa?

parkour? what has this helped towards reviving islam? maybe my dreams are too big..or am i not strong enough to full fill this role?

azam, irsyad, amir, ammar, amirul, siddiq, acap, abudi, amin, budak2 hira', budak2 hidayah johor..and soooo many others..what have i lead them to? being strong myself isnt good enough. i must strenghten others. and iman comes first. not physical.

"those good during their jahiliyah, will be good as muslims"..thus Allah, make this turning point. give me the chance of being a better muslim, and make me take it. grant me khusyuk in my prayers, strengthen my takwa towards You. give me strength to overcome the obstacles of live, just like You gave me phisically.

make me live a muslim, die a muslim.

lahirnya disambut bang,
matinya dilepaskan solat,
antara bang dan solat,
alahai hidup, alangkah singkat"

in this short life..how much have i given for islam? how much have i ambitioned the promises of Ar-Rasul and You? questions never seem to be answered each time i review them...

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