Tuesday, April 8, 2008

usrah 12

hahaha..planning to post next week but got interested just now, so didnt want to hesitate..i'm eventually putting 'fa' to practice..^_^

had an usrah session just now with akh Riza at his house in UNITEN. it was raining heavily but 6 of us managed to make it, but i got there after the tadarus session.hohoho..bilal, asrol, uqasyah, ali and syafiq..

alhamduliLlah, the tafsir was on surah ad-Dhuha..many interesting points discussed, but the main event was still yet to come..as akh Riza brought front Fiqh Dakwah by Al-Marhum Syeikh Mustafa Masyhur he opened up


wow! i thought i was way too young for the topic..like it should be discussed in module 7 or sumthing and i'm currently in 5-6..

nevertheless, akh Riza persuaded that it was time for the topic. during the discussion, there were afew jokes i didnt understand..hahahaha..wonder why? memang sah belum sampai masa aku~

nyw, foundation of an islamic family institution starts with good individual muslims..which will then bring effects to the community hopefully building a muslim society..
7 maratib amal:
1. individual muslims
2. baitul muslim
3. islamic society
4. islamic government
5. free from invasion
6. khilafah
7. ustaziatul alam

1st step into building an islamic family would be finding the right couple. a hadith stated that amongst the criteria for a wife, one should look into her family background, wealth, looks and her deen (religion). and the deen is the one should be 1st priority..

the couple should be one who'll support the duty of a daie, also a daie her self..'sefikrah' will help this agenda even though mixed marriage (between different jamaahs..hahaha) is ok.'sefikrah' doesnt really mean same jamaah but rather both have same objectives and are willing to do whats needed to gain that objective.

the story of As-Syahid Imam Hassan Al-Banna took us into perspective where once his son was seriously ill. but he had a talk to deliver. as he was about to departure from his house, his wife asked what will she do if the son dies (or sumthing like that)..As-Syahid replied, "his grandfather will know where to bury his body".

2nd things is that in building a family, one should always realize that its not about breeding! for those who understand the responsibility of reviving the Khilafah System should always be objective oriented as quoted from ustaz Salam. thus, 'menjaga kemandirian spesis' or 'naluri kemanusiaan' is nothing to be compared to building future generation of daies who'll continue to revive the system once ruled 2/3 of the world.

take the 1st hadith of 'matan arbain' (hadith 40), on niat or intention.."..those who perform hijrah for the sake of Allah and His messenger will gain Allah's blessings, but for those who perform hijrah for the sake of dunia (world) will get only that.."

really up to us to decide..

3rd point would be to be helpfull towards each other. be supportive. urge good doings. (see..my lazy mood is on..suddenly..hahaha)

all in all..benefited from tonights session very much indeed.
'islamic family institution'..i'm in one..but will i build one? or 2? or 4? hmmmmm~


Syafiq said...

too young??..hehehe
dah cukup umur, boleh dah la tu.. :P

Syafiq said...

malam ni ada usrah, leh la kongsi lg notes mlm nih..

okay..jmpe mlm nnti :D


salam akhi syafiq yang dikasihi..ana di sabah sekarang.dah mintak keuzuran dari hadir usrah malam nih.^_^..

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

tgh tnggu kad dari qayyim..haha