Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daurah Penggerak IPTDHL

fuh, alhamduliLlah..finished my final 2nd year exam last thursday. its a good feeling to be back writing on this blog after all the chaos happening since earlier this semester with elected as vice president of rowing club, ajk MPP, SERIKANDI 2008 and the struggle to gain back my 3pointer..

i read at some webpage quoting "if Allah brings you to it, He'll take you through it"..thus insyaAllah, i do pray i can get back my scholarship next semester.just to lessen the burden my family's shouldering and spend it more on my madu's.

so, to celebrate..celebrate? boleh laa..i attended a daurah session with syafiq. earlier on, i wanted to bring along gg and mel but wasnt the right module yet! so till next time aight guys.

on the way, syafiq messaged akh Riza, my naqib, informing that we were on our way to the program not knowing that he was actually the speaker.later on that program, he told that he was away to China since last thursday (which i didnt know, sebab ponteng usrah~hoho..tak ah, busy study) and only managed to send sms'es abroad with only in the end, only Bilal got the news of the program, while Syafiq and me through akh Aizuddin. frankly speaking, thats how Allah plans His servant's journey..

upon our arrival at Masjid UKM, we met akh AKAD who was performing his tahiyatul masjid and dhuha prayers. very dedicated and istiqamah with his ibadah. and i could strongly say that he's one of those who walks their talks even though with a little disadvantage since his brain surgery last 8 years or so.

the morning session was on Dakwah Fardhiyah and Ciri2 Daie..Dakwah Fardhiyah was discussed based on As-Syahid Syeikh Mustafa Masyhur's writing. amongst the points taken were;

1. TAARUF.berupaya membina hubungan yang baik dan akrab dengan madu'. hmmm..been doing this but so little outcomes. but i'm greatful for the ones that stick. after this, must make this one a big priority so the ones that stick will stick forever! i'd like to share one of my practice with juniors, is that i give them my used text books..lend them my notes, which had to be returned to me at the end of the semester..and also find 2nd hand books for them. in certain way, they feel much appriciated.

2. BANGKITKAN IMAN. not only we hang out together, but i do need to inject them with curiosity on the situation the ummah is in. akh Riza shared the idea of throwing rethorical question like when we join them to eat, we ask a question to trigger the mind like "ape ek orang palestine sekarang tengah makan?"..

akh Riza also quoted a verse form the Quran, surah Muddathir: "wahai orang yang berselimut, bangunlah dan berilah peringatan". this was related to the Ikhwanul Muslimeen who raised their awareness and pioneereed the call to regain back the khilafah system. it only took them 4 years. (1924 the down fall of khilafah - 1928 the uprise of IM)

Ustaz Salam shared a tafsir of the 2nd ayah where the word 'fa' was used to bring the meaning of 'and' between 'bangunlah/awaken' and 'berilah peringatan/give preachings of the truth'. those who are quite familiar with common arab languang would use 'wa' to give the same meaning. but according to tafsir, 'fa' was to mean 'directly after without any hesitation or delay'..hummm, wonder how much time i took to just wake up..and get myself started?

3. BAIKI KEADAAN DENGAN SIBGHATULLAH. atleast the minimum of islam. halal-haram settle..yep, i noticed this since many of my madu' dont really care about their aurats. well atleast they pray, right!

4. IBADAH SYAMIL. sharing the understanding that ibadah isnt only things ritual related, or performed only at mosques..but everything done with the intention of gaining Allah's blessings are ibadah. let us try little by little.. chot, a house mate, took the initiative of sticking up mutabaah amal forms for each person of the house. yeah we ticked it inconsistently but it showed progress.
"berbondong-bondong jadi gunung,
perlahan-lahan jadi gunung Tahan" said akh AKAD that day.




ouh..sorrylah tak dapat nak elaborate. kemalasan melanda. actually this is my second time writing the same post as the previous one was unintentionally istiqamah ku hanya setakat ini. well, till the next post which is scheduled next week.hehehe

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