Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kearah pembentukkan diri

Last week I bought a little book ‘manajemen tawazun’..RM8 je, so you could just imagine how thin the book is (still in process of building consistency on reading books). Best thing was, I bought it from kak MJ & bro Awang’s mini store during a forum on ‘Hak Wanita Dalam Perundangan Islam’, held by Wanita JIM DHL & Sepang at PKNS Bangi.

Before I bought the book, I sat down and had a little chat with akh Awang (Fadhli) about my lousy problem on ‘how to finish reading books’. I’ve asked many brothers before whom are known for their crazy ability to finish reading. For me, its either I’m stuck half way, and some cases loosing the unfinished book or dozed off and forgot where I last stopped. Same answers I I get each time..hehehe..what else would I seek for from the same question!?
  1. Start of with small books…done this. Still, doesn’t help much as I really2 need to get on with some serious matters. And these serious matters are only discussed in BIG BOOKS!! Hohoho
  2. Go on with interesting topics. Topics that we’re eager to know on. Topics needed most especially for us being daies.
  3. Form up a reading group so that we can discuss important details from the book. It’ll help motivate us to continue reading as we know that we’ll be left behind if we’re not consistent in reading. Make it a part my usrah’s project like ‘sesi bedah buku’..hmmm. best~
  4. Motivate yourself that only through reading will you obtain knowledge. “one who has nothing, can give nothing” so? To have something, I MUST READ.
Abi also started reading around my age. 21. but he really like reading since his school days. While in EC, abi was called ‘The Book Eating Jaws’..just imagine that! But it really pays off, I can just ask him about anything, and he’ll come up with the answer just with a tap of a finger. If not, he’ll head to our hime library and search out for the book that has the answer. We’ve got alotta books stored, some weren’t even read by abi, but he knows his books~

Inspired? Yep..motivated? huhuhu..

I really ought to get myself reading. Even ‘manajemen tawazun’ isn’t finish after 3 weeks of buying it. (o_0)

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah diri ini untuk terus istiqamah

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