Monday, June 23, 2008

Minggu Induksi Fasi Orientasi

well, today we've officially started our induction program for facililators of the June intake UNITEN orientation. all i could say is it'll be 5 hectic days from now on. make it 4. this will be a nice opportunity to get my engine started for the 'hunting month'..better said as 'open season'.

GG's back. we're in the same room now. alhamdulillah, with his presence insyaAllah, i'll be in good bi'ah. a partner who can always remind me to obligate myself to HIM. everyone will need some kind of catalyst, and for me, it'll be GG for the time being. hahaha.

so, anyone reading this and know anyone who would either be interested with usrah (meaning dah di DF kan), or have good islamic values and potential, or even just happen to know that he/she will be entering UNITEN (putrajaya/bangi campus), please inform me:

via SMS or email. better be SMS cause i'll get it directly.

SMS format, if possible be in this form:
1. full name
2. phone number
3. previous school
4. tarbiyah background (no/yes; if yes do elaborate)

type the above <> and send it to 013 3266832 (qayyim hafidzi-UNITEN, 3rd year mech eng)

why am i asking or being bothered? because islam is not a religion for individuals. thus i'd like to share to beauty if it and to earge others to treasure and value it. insyaAllah, through the usrah system which will be conducted via weekly sittings, monthly outdoor programs and other fun activities will trigger our understandings of islam, making us better muslims and work together towards bringing back the khilafah.

well then, done for tonight.

Ya Allah, berkatilah usaha ini, perteguhkanlah hati ini, istiqamahkanlah diri ini untuk terus meniti jalan menuju jannah.

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