Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Industrial Training @ STS

these are the three plans i've drawn since the last 3 weeks or so of industrial training here. it's not just the drawing, i had to measure up the place, check out the site, get the original idea and feedbacks from my supervisors where each drawing has its own person in charge, go for meetings and have the board make you change everything..well not everything.

but alhamdulillah, its not much a fussy work.

now i'm in charge for the scaffolding progress. not really monitoring the work, but rather charting their progress and dealing with the workleader so that they meet the deadline. frankly speaking, the latest progress i've taken is 0n 22nd April for 35% where the plan should actually have been 74%!!!! and we're supposed to be 100% this 30th April..hahaha.2 MORE DAYS TO GO. this is legendary!

so hopefully everything goes well for the TA (Turnaround) in Petlin. its a big thing actually, where the whole factory shuts down for maintenance work. i was told they are loosing RM3billion/month for the shutdown..and if we delay the maintenance, it'll cost both parties BIG MONEYYY. and probably less salary (for me~)

anyways, tomorrow will have to head down to Petlin to meet the TA Manager for his approval of the drawings. then pass them to the contract consultants. one thing i'm worried about is that i've never met this TA Manager before. and i was told that he's always mad during meetings..huhu.i have confidence with my work, so there should be no worries. ye ke?

one thing about these drawings, we could never get a clear picture if don't look at the whole plan. know each function, who to deal with, know the work flow..and one thing for sure, you have to be there to draw.

in life, you could never have that big picture of your life, if you don't know your objective of living, the functions you serve for others and yourself, who to deal with so that life has a bigger agenda than just living..and most of all, you have to be in the community to understand which part you could play and which part you should avoid being.

broQ: Still trying to adjust myself with 'Sunday Is the First Day of the Week'..being 22years old now, i'm already stuck with the 'Monday Is the First Day of the Week' syndrome



owh ye..aku malas hendak buat blog baru khas untuk latihan industri. so insyaAllah, jika berkesempatan, aku akan kemas kini entri dalam blog ini dan sudah semestinya 'INDUSTRIAL TRAINING @ STS' would be one of the topics

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

uih..tak confidential ka drawing? hehe


hahaha..betul jugak.tp yg ana post nih bukan yg finalized and not yet approved.

but still, it should of been confidential aight? tp malas lah nk buang gmb tuh, kasi kenangan~

+akufobia+ said...

hoho.rindu scaffolding.ngee.(tibatiba.)