Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me And My Ideas..Which Stays Only As Ideas

Its not a while nor has it been long..it’s been TOO LONG since my last post. I wonder what category I fall into: not being istiqamah or putting things into perspectives? A lot has been going on since December 2008. I could list a whole lot of em.

1. The attack on Ghazza and the victory of HAMAS upon Israel
2. Task Force on New Year’s Night at KLCC
3. Chinese New Year parkour retreat with the End Vision guys
4. Valentines Day Nahi Munkar operation in UNITEN
5. Katibah XPDC Bukit Tabuh; UNITEN + UTM + KMT
6. Amin’s return (which he has improved a lot..matang sket hahaha)
7. Odi’s birthday which I forgot to wish
8. On Call Driver (where I had TOPS every week)
9. Brother Luqman and Ilhan’s wedding
10. Perak: my layman perspectives
11. Getting retarded due to the procrastinations I’ve been doing (8 reports + 2 projects + 1 course trip)
12. Inconsistent parkour training! But I’ve managed 30 minutes for 3 days last week.
13. Owh yeah..my room is in a mess! Massive mess!
14. A marathon on a bunch of non-motivational movies
15. Usrah baru! Alhamdulillah..but still no ring! Ring! Ello?
16. Usrah baru! Alhamdulillah..moga mereka istiqamah
17. Usrah baru! Cuba nak bentuk..alhamdulillah kalau dapat
18. Some one/thing peed in our house!?
19. Istiqamah dalam amalan, kemanisan iman
20. Slumdog Millionaire..what a story! The filming was great! But jamal must be a very confused muslim

Now readers, vote for your most wanted topic!!! Hahaha…(while doing the sign language for retarded-just watched Russell Peters)


kahfi8 said...

salam bro Q...

ana nak no 10..

p/s- kita berjumpa di PKN..

+akufobia+ said...

walla.banyaknya benda nta buat.ho.rindu.

+akufobia+ said...

rindu kamu.