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US - without izzudin and ridhwan..

31 August 2008

Picnic Usrah Brothers UNITEN ke Sg Pisang

Alhamdulillah, been given the opportunity to organize an outing session with the joint usrah groups of UNITEN’s june 2008 intake. All 24 of us including izzudin from UTP and Ali with his usrah from MIAT. Chronologically, our event went as the following:

Supposedly we were to gather at kelompok amanah’s office but end up meeting at 8.00am. Syafiq came early with Abdulrahman..while my fellow usrah brothers; ikram, jaffreen and ridhwan was already there when azzizi and me came out of our house. 30 minutes later some others came as well as ali with his packed up wira of 4 MIAT students. Before we headed off, I gave a little intro of our trip and a little task of memorizing the al-Fatihah with its meanings while in the car which was included in a little ‘personal ramadhan kit’, initated by kak MJ. Alhamdulillah, many managed to finish the task where the surah insyaAllah will be discussed in the coming usrah session.

We departed for Sg. Pisang and planned to stop on the way at Giant (tmn melawati) to pick up azrie and our nasi lemaks..the MRR2 was unusually not crowded with cars thus only took us around 30minutes to reach Giant and pick up azrie who made us wait another 15minutes since he didn’t expected us to reach there that early.

Reached Sg. Pisang. Had a little briefing about our trekking into sg. Pisang plus some stretching conducted by azrie, our football champ! The walk along the river took us around 45minutes..had our group photo taken at the first waterfall and continued our climb along the cliff and dropped our supplies at the second faterfall. There we played ‘mummy pasir’..still needs more improvements in the module~

Anyway, brothers were divided into 5 groups. Each group had to come out with a volunteer to become the mummy. As fast as possible, each group had to cover the mummy’s face, neck and arms with sand and leaves. Once done, the group members will have to guide the mummy to the river and clean it self.
Moral gained:

  1. the mummy is like our hearts, it will from time to time be dirtied by sins
  2. since only the face, neck and arms are covered (not all the body), it shows that even with small sins we should repent and seek his forgiveness as soon as possible
  3. friends are supposed to guide us into ‘cleaning’ ourselves. It shows how important having good friends are
  4. how easy it is to seek His forgiveness..with only washing the dirt off. Allah is only a prayer away, it’s not that hard to seek His guidance and forgiveness, and He surely will grant it!

After the games, we build our ‘stove’ and started BBQing our Carrefour marinated chickens and hot dogs~took us till 1.30pm to finish cooking. While some where busy cooking, others took the advantage diving into the rivers. Sg. Pisang Rocks! Alhamdulillah, the guys took turns dipping in and cooking..without having given specific tasks.

We all prayed dzuhur together on the bare soil. It was a first for most of them, having to pray with their wet cloths and natural ‘sajadah’. After our prayer, we had a little share on the values we could relate to life from the experience of trekking trough sg. Pisang till the ‘mummy pasir’ we palyed.
Life values:

  1. life has only 1 reach jannah. We will face obstacles in our journey, but to reach the end determines on how fit mentally, physically and spiritually we are. What path we took. Either we gave up or not
  2. follow good examples and guidance. Others won’t reach the destination with out the guider..Life is never about achievements, but its about moving forward. And to move forward we need guidance to follow so that the path we take is promised good life, to be rewarded with jannah. these guidance we talk about is al-Quran and as-Sunnah!
  3. this life on earth is temporary. It’s filled with wonders but for those who seek further, they’ll be rewarded with ‘more kilometers’ of wonders in heaven. If we stopped at the first waterfall, and didn’t climb the cliff which was kind off impossible and dangerous to climb, we would not have met the second waterfall. Which was a diving heaven!

EAT! (entahlah..rase macam penting jerk highlight event nih..hahaha)

Headed back to the cars through the highway.

Reached the cars and had our closing ceremony. We ended it with a big shoulder to shoulder hug of tasbih kifarah and al-Asr.

May our journey toughen us to become good muslims and enhance our opportunity to help and benefit the ummah..and revive ISLAM back!


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