Sunday, August 17, 2008

Genap 2 1/2 Bulan Sudah

*rifdy, munzir and ikram..yang nasi tak berempunya tuh saper punyer plak ikram?*
*geng usrahku yang macho~ridhwan, jaffreen, zulkarnain (pakar korek idung..hahaha) and aadif*

AlhamduliLlah, all praise is to Allah, the One who gives hidayah to those who seek and still placing me amongst those who are grateful. It’s already the midterm break for the degree students in UNITEN, and the campus is quite dead when I left for home last night. Leaving behind Azzizi to spend the weekend alone and the foundation students who will be burning their mid night oil for next weeks tests. The june 2008 intake foundation students are currently under a tri-semester program, latest progress from the administration towards gaining a better standard and student quality..there are pros and cons of this matter, but I’ll just leave it to the admins.

If I could recall back my memories, it’s been 2 ½ months I’ve been with the latest usrah batch June 2008. So much has been done but still so much to do..

It started of with a little supper the first night of their arrival in UNITEN. Akh Bilal came to the rescue bringing some cream breads and drinks since none of the newly registered students and the facilitators (me) can go outside of kelompok area that night. We had it at saiful/azri/wan hazim/fikri’s house. Joining in were contigens from zubair/nizam khan/rifdy/aizat and ikram/aadif/jaffreen/ridhwan. It was simple, but enough to get the juice of ukhuwah flowing inside us.

Then we meet during night halaqahs (I used the term ‘halaqah malam’ with the guys) at the surau after isya’ prayers. Me, Azzizi and Hakim brought a couple of guys to join in the isya prayers since it wasn’t scheduled in their time table; “jom kita solat isya’ dulu kat surau sebelum minum malam, kalau lambat sangat, abang tapau kan kuih ngan air..amcam?”
Every night we had the meeting for the straight 1 week orientation program. AlhamduliLlah, Allah gave us istiqamah to stroll along this path of urging others to good deeds and obligation towards Him. Here we meet Hazim, Shahir and Mahlil.

After the orientation program, we had a little dinner gathering, 23+ guys showed up. This time the Sarawakians came and joined the family. Azrai, Firdaus and Nazrin. Plus some others like Shahrul (Own), Zulkarnain, Nazemy and Shah.

*aisyeh~gambar blur plak..harap korang tak blur jgak time dengar tazkeerah. "Allah itu baik, tidak disukai melainkan yang baik"*
*Saiful amir, fikri, azrai and firdaus..mangan2*
*zubair, aizat, nazrin and ali
*mahlil (su kelompok amanah kita~), bro hakim khatib, syahir and hazim. sorry ek, gambar belakang plak*
*bro gg doing his thang..on the far right is azri. orang kuat pahang kita*

The coming weekend we spent our Sunday morning in the pool. UNITEN’s swimming pool. Learned how to swim, conducted by akh Izzudin, ate our ‘ukhuwah cake’, heard a little share of where are we heading and the purpose of tarbiyah by akh Izzudin and some words of wisdom and hope from akh Riza (he quoted himself as a father that hopes a better future for his children lead by this generation).

Till now, I can never emphasis more of the outcome of our meetings than HOPE. You guys are the future, a hope for a better future. We can only lead you towards building strong muslim personalities, share our wisdom and vision, and give love as muslim brothers. But to ensure that you do become ‘insan’, it rests on your shoulders. We will stretch out our hands to help and guide, lend our shoulders to cry for and to gain support, our time for friendship and problems..our prayers. So that you will not only be like us, but better than us. As students, as engineers and as mulims.

Today is 15th of Syaaban. 15 days left till Ramadhan. A holly month where we should drain our energy for ibadah, seek His forgiveness and to be one with our ummah. The whole year we’ve been living alone, a life of ourselves and all intentions only leads to the benefits of ourselves. But in Ramadhan, this will be our opportunity to remember others, our muslim brothers and sisters all around the world; their sufferings, their starve and thrist, their shreaded integrity…take the month of Ramadhan to reflect ourselves, not as just us, but us as one ummah. What have we done and contributed to the ummah?

My dear brothers, adik2 di UNITEN, fellow readers..lets be better people, better muslims. So that we can somehow contribute back to the revival of islam. Defend our brothers where they are cornered by bullets and regain our sister’s dignity as human and muslimah.

JOM! Kita terus istiqamah atas jalan membina peribadi muslim yang unggul!
broQ: pictures at the swimming pool will be in another entry..poning eden nak suson eiyh~


kperak said...

teruskan istiqamah!

mujahid said...

kek = dhanysitisme..

alhamdulillah..teruskan perjuangan ;)