Sunday, August 3, 2008

BIFS campaign

yep..thats what i'm working on now. its BIFS not beefs~

BIFS as in Building Integrity From Solat Campaign. got a couple of things that i'll post up here once the acrticles are published in UNITEN. do pray that i can finish by this weekend. been postponing this since last semester break.wohooo. astaghfiruLlah. one of my very very bad habbits.

nothing else for now. still in recovery mode. compared to last friday, alhamduliLlah, things are getting better. i can now breath fresh air. but still suffering from short breathings.

next friday, a test coming up. followed by another test on monday.

needless what you do Qayyim, put in mind for is not about achievements, its about moving forward. once these are done, there's still other new things to be done.

calling for contributors: those who have any interesting articles on 'smiling', do mail ( it to me..running out of ideas actually. may Allah reward you for your good deeds.

broQ: hmm..belom start study lagi nih.focus2! apalah ada pada daie ni kalau belajar pon tak lepas. jangan kau jadi fitnah pada ad-deen ini!


Sejuta Harapan said...

smoga cepat sembuh...
teruskan blaja renrajen.. nk tgk qayyim yang power cam kat mrsm dulu.. huhu

mujahid said...