Monday, February 11, 2008



trying a saut the fond..still in progress to crank that little wall. insyaAllah
peace all..

2 years into parkour, i've seen so many people endulging themselves with the art..

but so rarely i come upon people whom put objectives first than appearance. so many people i meet uses their brain less than their body.

each time before we train parkour, even before putting on our training shoes..have we ever asked ourselves, "why am i training? for what is my training to be put to?"

the philosophy behind the art..what puts your training into benefits for yourselves and others..

to what extend do we train to be strong?
at what basis will our training be helpfull?

parkour doesn't only trains the body..but it also trains the mind. many people quote that parkour changes his point of view..making one see obstcales from different angles..making one think of the possiblities to tackle it

in other words, if one trains parkour correctly, understands the philosophy behind it, determined to give every thing he has into his trainings..then one who trains parkour SHOULD be wiser than those who don't.

how can some one be helpfull from parkour? is by being wise..
it's not totally about the muscles we bare to lift our bodies, jump huge gaps..its the mentality and attitude that'll help others..


how can one say he trains parkour, but at the same time smokes cigarettes, does vandalisms, and makes his enviroment worst?
how can someone say he trains parkour, but just shuts his eyes when he sees an old lady with heavy bags trying to cross the road?
how can one claims he trains parkour, but at the same time gives bad influences and examples towards his juniors and the people around him?
to help, it comes from your intentions..and basically, if you DO train parkour, then that little intention should be pure good..and it'll help with some good mentality and attitude

Ar-Rasul, Prophet Muhammad said: "every things done starts from your intention.."

maybe we should spare time to be helpfull..or always try to be helpfull

just think back again..why i train parkour?


from left: amir, amir's friend izhan (think so) and amir's friend qayyim (of course la)

training F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Jason said...

Great take on the true intent of parkour. It should cross over into everything else in life too.

QayYim said...

to jason: thanks man..and yes, it should be applied into every aspect in life. well, some people say parkour is some how 'a way of life'..