Monday, December 10, 2007


usrah..mender tuh?
dah lamer aku ikut usrah..tapi, berjayakah ia membentuh peribadi muslim aku? keperibadian yang diperlukan untuk memimpin ummah?

ustaz atif kater waktu gathering penggerak uniten, usrah tuh bukan program..ia sistem..macam keluarga, ia bukan program keluarga..tapi usrah tuh sistem keluarga, yang mana ahlinya terikat dengan ikatan aqidah, melangkaui ikatan darah.

yeah, ia pilihan aku..i choose untuk di'usrah'kan and i choose to urge others to join in..

why? because i need to bring back the khilafah..through this, can i obtain that big's not the only way..but it's a this usrah method is no kidding! no play! not to be taken lightly!

so please, hear me out..ask yourselves..these usrahs i lead, this usrah i follow, those usrahs i put under my supervision, those usrah my fellow friends bring up...will it all be wasted? the time used, the money given, the effort poured..

i see the importance of the system..but i sometimes ponder, do the ones up there really know the importance? DO THEY?! or is this usrah just a thing every so called islamic jamaah has to have?

be objective oriented! what do you actually want haaa?

shuffle us like cards, kick us like balls!

i'm fed up~yet to get better explainations..till then, fed up

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muhammad_alfateh said...

How can we become a very very good muslim? Yes, usrah. But how?