Monday, November 26, 2007


Depression, frustration, inferior…these are amongst the words thats lingering my mind since yesterday.

The academic result for sem1 was out, and it turn out not so good for me..thinking about blaming others, blaming facts I cant control, blaming situations I’ve been in, blaming things I’ve done..but I do realize, pointing fingers wont solve the fact I failed to achieve 3.00 for my GPA.

Actually, today, I’m supposed to bring my brother and some friends to batang kali and enjoy ourselves some hot bath in the hot spring there..but I woke up this morning feeling sooooo low, I wish nothing else than just suffer myself training on parkour to ease up the tension built. Yeah..hope sweating will lighten it up a little..hopefully

Some times when these times do come, I usually give out “yer la, ko buat keje dakwah..handle program..tu yang ko takder mase nak blajar macam member2 ko yang lain..,” but things will just sudden strike me with what Musab Sahrim once said: “dakwah jangan dijadikan alasan kita tak excel dalam academics…sebab tuh memang tanggungjawab kita..dua2 nya both have equal priority..”

When I reflect myself, its not about my activism that lags me never was..infact, I see a direct proportional line between my academic achievements and my involvements in jamaah’s work. Maybe I didn’t strive hard enough during my previous semester handling usrah, maintaining good relationships with ikhwahs, making jamaah’s program big priorities..even taking care of my parents..i see many things I should have done, but took the other path instead

We are given choices, our takdir was never rigidly set that’s that..but we’ve been given choices to do or not to do..and hopefully, I have that better understanding of what’s priority and what I should just stay away from..I have a big agenda..A VERY BIG UMMAH'S AGENDA TO SETEL…

And time is running out..

p/s:nantilah tulis pasal PPN, tak der mood giler


Nihlah Johari said...

Allah never promise that this life will be easy, but He promised that He'll always be there with us if we seek for Him..

tabah dan sabarlah berjuang ^__^

all the best for the coming semesters!!

p/s: akhi, nta amik course ape ek kat uniten? =P

QayYim said...

ana amek mech. eng.


Nihlah Johari said...

owhh.. memang bukan mudah! berusaha!!

Maryam Abu Ahmad said...

kebaikan memang susah berbanding kejahatan.

senyum qayyim! Ujian baru bermula. Pop quiz sedang menunggu dan final exam bila-bila masa.

DIA dah bagi banyak masa kita takminta. Masa minta pula jadi begini. Izzahlah dengan apa yang anta dah buat.

Green Apple said...

just a suggestion mayb..
try to recite al-insyirah. give the massage of hope and encouragement in the time of difficulty..especially the last two verse..subhanaALlah....
may u find the satisfication!

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

teruskan perjuangan~! jgn lemah smangat! =)