Thursday, June 16, 2011

Procrastination Will Cost Dearly

True enough. i've been searching on the net for used cars and have finally set my eyes on this particular 'car'. that was 5 weeks back.

then this morning, i called the dealer only to find out that the 'car' was already sold. yesterday! what? you gotta be kidding me.

my plan for today was actually call the dealer by 8.00am, set a meet up, head to the yard. and if the deal is good, then we'd be shaking hands and i'd be driving home in a 'new' car. haha..that easy!? but unfortunately, i'd to spend the whole morning online searching for 2nd hand car dealers again. and till now, i've yet to find a good offer. probably gamble my way out to Sg Sikamat and scout out the 5 dealers there..hopefully there's more dealers than whats shown on googlemaps. hopefully.

so what have we learned today?

procrastination has a price. and it's not cheap.

it may not be in terms of money. in my case, it's time. and time is life.

i may not get a better offer than the one i've lost, but there's still a chance i'de get an offer slightly similar. but for the time i had to spend re-searching. it's priceless. i can never get the time back.

time. it's the furthest thing in life. you'll never for ever get it back.

thus spend it wisely. by that i mean, don't procrastinate. it will cost your life!

so whats now?

workout. jumaah prayer. off to onestopprinting. then off we go scouting.

btw, would manual 4WDs have better km/liter than autos as in the same thing for sedan cars? but now a days, people opt to buy autos than manuals. so whats the verdict? the tribe hasn't spoken yet..not till i find a good offer :)


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Azhar said...

We are often lulled that the enjoyment of life in the world is just a small sample only, whereas there is an intrinsic and eternal life. The conditions we cared about each other.
Greeting from Semarang, Indonesia.


Salam Pak Azhar. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya :)

Muhammad Hussaini Khairudin said...

Procrastination pays now, hardworking pays later